At the A7 bridge: Tarp: Three people were taken to hospital after an accident

A driver apparently overlooked the second car. Three people were injured – one dog survived the collision without wounds. Tarp | Three people were injured in a traffic accident near Tarp on Tuesday afternoon. According to the first findings of the police, the driver of a VW Touareg wanted to drive from the hard shoulder … Read more

Education: Free voters demand semester ticket

Brandenburg state parliament should speak out in favor of receiving student tickets Brandenburg’s free voters want to receive the semester ticket at the universities in the state. On Tuesday, its science policy spokesman Mathias Stefke presented an application in Potsdam, according to which the state government should negotiate with Berlin and the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association … Read more

Wildlife accident in things: car drivers avoid deer and crash into a tree

Fortunately, the 18-year-old was uninjured. A high level of property damage was caused to the vehicle. Things | An 18-year-old driver got away with the horror of an accident with wildlife early on Saturday morning in Dingen (Dithmarschen district). Shortly before 3 a.m., the young man drove his Audi on Friedrichshöferstrasse coming from Dingen in … Read more

Unknown people remove manhole covers in Schaffhausen – Switzerland

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Cinema tip: an owl saves the forest

In “Christmas in the Magic Owl Forest”, Eia experiences a magical Christmas and makes new friends. Avatar_shz from Ina Reinhart November 27, 2021, 12:00 a.m. Ten year old Eia wants a dog so badly! Then she would not be alone so much. Because their parents work all the time. So that she can afford the dog, … Read more

Criticism, ‘Holy Spirit’: Flying saucers, animal print and costumbrismo in Elche

In the same way that there is a certain American independent cinema that has helped us to get closer to a series of spaces of an immense nation, I wonder what any half-yankee viewer who reaches ‘Espíritu Sagrado’ can feel thinking that they are going to see a Spanish indie proposal. Surely, the first surprise … Read more

Education in SH: Pilot project for the compulsory subject of computer science in schools

In the school year 2022/23, a pilot project is to start at a third of the community schools and grammar schools in the state. Kiel | Schleswig-Holstein’s students should have computer science as a compulsory subject in the future. In the school year 2022/23, a one-year pilot project is to start at a third of … Read more

Learn how to prepare treats for your dog with ‘Clifford, the big red dog’

‘Clifford, the big red dog’ is a pet that grows based on the love it receives from its owner, Emily. If you want your pet to grow big and strong like him too (even if he doesn’t turn red), You can prepare these delicious homemade Christmas sweets for him to celebrate the holidays with you. … Read more

Education: Berlin does not want to bring Christmas holidays forward

In Berlin, unlike in Brandenburg, there shouldn’t be any earlier Christmas holidays. Berlin | Compulsory attendance for schoolchildren should also remain in place, unlike in the neighboring country. A spokesman for the education administration pointed out on Wednesday that Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) had already declared December 23 as a day off at the … Read more

Master budget plans: Uetersen’s main committee sets maximum credit lines

In a special meeting, the main committee in Uetersen dealt with the framework plans of the specialist committees for education, social affairs and the environment, construction and finance for budget planning for 2022. Uetersen | As for the budget year 2021, framework plans were drawn up for the budget year 2022 of the city of … Read more