New date after debate: Xavier Naidoo’s concert in Rostock postponed to 2022

According to the organizer Live Nation GmbH, other tour dates will also be postponed. Before that, there had been a long and heated debate in Rostock about whether the Mannheim singer was allowed to perform on urban soil. Rostock | Xavier Naidoo’s concert planned for August 22, 2021 in the Rostock city hall will be … Read more

One year after the opening: Balance: This is how the first year went for the Hasloh plant center in Klein

Christian Klein looks back on a financial year at the Hasloh location. He started his plant center shortly before the corona lockdown. Nevertheless, his current economic situation is satisfactory. Hasloh | Christian Klein opened his garden center in the Hasloh community in June last year – in the middle of the corona pandemic. This includes … Read more

After the concert was canceled: Helge Schneider cancels the remaining beach chair concerts

Annoyed, Helge Schneider had canceled his last concert – now it is clear that there will be no further beach chair appearances with the entertainer. The format doesn’t suit him. Mühlheim | Entertainer Helge Schneider has canceled his other concerts as part of the Strandkorb Open Air format. Schneider and the organizer announced this on … Read more

Bad weather: new floods hit Knokke-Heist and Nieuwpoort (videos)

Code Orange is in effect Monday afternoon for the province of West Flanders. Locally, it can still fall a lot of rain in a very short period of time. DHeavy rains caused flooding in Knokke-Heist at midday on Monday. Some streets were flooded in a very short time. They then emptied just as quickly once … Read more

Nieuport and Knokke flooded, the province in Code Orange (videos)

Posted on Monday, July 26, 2021 at 3:44 p.m. By Sudinfo with Belga Heavy rains caused flooding on Monday morning in Nieuwpoort, West Flanders. Some streets and several cellars were flooded, said the mayor of Nieuwpoort, Geert Vanden Broucke (CD&V). Firefighters took several hours to pump and evacuate the water. In Knokke-Heist, several areas also … Read more

Cabaret artist in Augsburg: Helge Schneider angrily breaks off the concert with 900 fans

Cabaret artist Helge Schneider at a beach chair concert in Augsburg no longer felt like laughing. He broke off his performance and left the audience perplexed. Augsburg | That wasn’t a successful evening for Helge Schneider. The cabaret artist angrily canceled a beach chair concert in Augsburg with 900 fans on Friday evening. “I have … Read more

Palazuelos launches “mirrey” clothing line

He pointed out that the phrases that are on his clothes were collected on social networks, where his character is related in the “mirrey” field. “There are very strong or racist phrases that we put aside, but we made a filter and from there we got the brand, they are not phrases that I invented, … Read more

Viral video | Man Turns Into “Jackie Chan” And Stops Robbers With Flying Kick: Video Narration Goes Viral | Trends | Trends | Facebook | Mexico | Colombia | United States | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

Updated on 07/23/2021 08:53 pm A security camera located in a neighborhood of the city of Pereira, in Colombia, captured the moment in which a couple of assailants on a motorcycle is stopped by a neighbor with a flying kick. The recording, whose narration was the subject of many comments, became viral in Twitter and … Read more

Passenger takes the wheel of a bus when he sees that the driver was drunk | Viral | Viral | Bolivia nnda nnrt | SOCIAL MEDIA

Updated on 07/24/2021 10:48 am A passenger who was on board an interprovincial transport bus was forced to take the helm of the unit when he noticed that the driver and his co-pilot were intoxicated. This unusual event occurred in Bolivia It was immortalized in a viral video that was widely commented on in more … Read more

They are looking for the owner of a puppy dog ​​for abandoning him and leaving him tied to a traffic sign in Villaobispo

Abandoned dog in Villaobispo de las Regueras. ICAL | 23/07/2021 – 13:02h. Tied to a road sign. This is how a puppy dog ​​appeared this Thursday in the town of Villaobispo de las Regueras, picked up after several calls alerted the Villaquilambre Local Police of its presence and ‘baptized’ as Farruquito at the facilities of … Read more