Megane Super Overcharged Local Governments by Over 9 Million Yen: 2,700 Cases Found in 10 Years

The operating company of the eyeglass chain “Megane Super” announced that it had overcharged local governments by about 9 million yen for eyeglasses to be paid to welfare recipients. [Video]Megane Super overcharges local government by about 9 million yen In May, the operating company of Meganesupa was found to have charged local governments higher prices … Read more

Luxurious Meals for Animals at a Poor Zoo: How Local Efforts Make it Possible

Animals eating extravagant meals at zoos are drawing attention on the internet. [Video]Animals chomping and eating fruit Kusatsu Tropical Zone, a zoo and botanical garden located in Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma Prefecture, posted on SNS, “Why can animals eat luxurious meals even in a poor zoo?” We asked the zookeeper about the reason why the zoo … Read more

Shizuka Kudo, unexpected happening at Taiwan concert for the first time in 30 years “There were a lot of things I wanted to talk about” | Entertainment | ABEMA TIMES

Singer Shizuka Kudo (53) held a concert in Taiwan for the first time in 30 years on the 2nd. I revealed the happening that happened during the live on Instagram. [Video]Shizuka Kudo’s live performance in Taiwan This Taiwan performance will be the first in 30 years since the 1993 “RISE ME TOUR”. They performed a … Read more

Viral Sensation: Large Dog’s Dejected Appearance After Chihuahua Barking Incident

A large dog barked at by a Chihuahua during a walk. His dejected appearance after answering so much has become a hot topic on the internet. [Video]Chow chow’s “dejected” appearance A photo posted with the comment “The night when I was barked at by a Chihuahua.” There was a picture of “Kurizo-kun”, a large dog … Read more

Dog’s Novel Way of Bathing Becomes Summer Sensation

The appearance of a dog bathing in a novel way, which was started as a countermeasure against heatstroke,On SNS, topics such as “Shocking video if you casually watch it” and “It looks comfortable” are gathering topics. [Video]Just like a waterfall!A dog bathing comfortably The one who is attracting attention is Tarao-kun (10 years old), a … Read more

A Heartwarming Solution: Homemade Safety Equipment for Elderly Dogs

A self-made device for an old dog whose eyesight is failing has become a hot topic on the internet. [Video]Safety equipment to prevent old dogs from bumping their bodies The Chihuahua “Ninny” who appears in this video (@cosmo_enoki) is quite old at the age of 16. As a result, his eyesight has deteriorated, and it … Read more

“I’m excited in the front row” Watanabe Minayo reports that she watched a concert in a full-body black outfit | Topics | ABEMA TIMES

Actress and talent Minayo Watanabe (former Onyanko Club) updated her Instagram on August 20th. She reports that she attended a concert by singer Seiko Matsuda, and she is receiving a lot of feedback. [Video]Minayo Watanabe showing swimsuit shots on her trip to Hawaii Watanabe said, “I went to Seiko Matsuda’s concert! #Seiko Matsuda concert #Budokan … Read more

Creating Gender-Inclusive Spaces: The Impact of a Sex Education Picture Book Workshop

[Video]A workshop using the “sex education picture book” An increasing number of companies are emphasizing the diversity of human resources, including sexual minorities, in their management. We interviewed an employee of a major electronics manufacturer who publishes sex education picture books about sexual diversity. [Video]A workshop using the “sex education picture book” Children enjoy making … Read more

Asia’s Largest Pet Fair Showcases the Pet Boom in China

Asia’s largest exhibition introducing pet-related products and services has started in Shanghai, China. Since the corona crisis, there has been an unprecedented pet boom in China. [Video]Asia’s largest pet fair in Shanghai The exhibition “Pet Fair Asia”, which introduces the latest pet-related products and services, started in Shanghai on the 16th. A company that makes … Read more

80 years since the student’s departure Concert to remember the students of the art university who died in the war | Politics | ABEMA TIMES

A concert was held in memory of the students of the art college who died after quitting their studies and becoming soldiers. [Video]Scene from the concert Kyoichi Kito and Koji Murano. Two students who were studying composition at Tokyo University of the Arts at that time also lost their lives halfway through their ambition. A … Read more