Singer Valeria may cancel her concerts due to illness

Concerts of the singer Valeria may not take place. Fans are looking forward to the anniversary concert of 54-year-old Valeria. But, unfortunately, the show scheduled for April was in jeopardy. The star had problems with the vocal cords. The singer became hoarse recently due to complications caused by a mysterious virus. She has yet to … Read more

Valery Meladze concert canceled in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk there will be no previously planned concert of the famous performer Valery Meladze. To clarify, the event was to be held on May 2 at the concert hall of the International Exhibition Center “Grand Hall”. The proof of the cancellation of the concert of the above singer was the information posted on the … Read more

Concerts of Valery Meladze in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk canceled

After the scandal at a performance in Dubai, where Valery Meladze uttered the slogan of Ukrainian nationalists, his concerts in Russia are cancelled. Today it became known that two more events will not take place. The concert of Valery Meladze, scheduled in Krasnoyarsk on May 2, will not take place. Such information was published by … Read more

Concert “Russian Christmas”. Issue dated 01/07/2023

Channel One and Russian Radio invite you to a festive concert. The program includes favorite hits and new songs of pop stars. The festive show is attended by: Dima Bilan, Valeria, Grigory Leps, the Zemlyane group, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Stas Kostyushkin, Yulia Savicheva, Rodion Gazmanov, Lucy Chebotina, Yurkiss, Victoria Daineko, VladiMir, Irina Dubtsova, Denis Klyaver, Anna … Read more

“Both aesthetic and ethical victory” – Newspaper Kommersant No. 235 (7436) of 12/19/2022

On the day of the 90th birthday of Rodion Shchedrin, the greatest contemporary composer and one of the leading Russian musicians for more than half a century, his hits were performed on the stage of the Tchaikovsky Hall by the Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater conducted by Valery Gergiev. Tells Ilya Ovchinnikov. For the … Read more

Singer Valeria canceled solo concerts in Russia, but continues to perform abroad

The famous singer Valeria played a concert outside of Russia. The artist herself spoke about this in her Telegram. The performer published a video from the Palace of the Republic in Minsk, where she performed with the orchestra on November 25. Immediately after the performance, she returned to Russia. The performer’s husband, producer Iosif Prigogine, … Read more

Singer Valeria canceled all concerts in Russia and went on tour to Uzbekistan

The next performance will take place in Tashkent. People’s Artist of Russia 54-year-old singer Valeria has canceled all her concerts in Russia for the next few months. On September 22, with the announcement of partial mobilization, the singer announced that she was suspending her concert activities. “I can’t force myself, forgetting about everything in the … Read more

Canceled concerts in Russia singer Valeria changed her mind

Singer Valeria recently said that she would not be able to give concerts in Russia, because she was not at all in the mood for this. However, just the other day, the celebrity changed her mind and announced her return to the stage. Image source: A native of Atkarsk, Saratov region, singer Valeria, the … Read more

Singer Valeria announced the temporary suspension of her concerts in Russia

Singer Valeria decided to cancel her concerts, deciding that now is not the right time for the fun that she gives to the audience during her performances: I can’t bring myself to forget about everything in the world and give concerts. Therefore, I cancel everything that was announced earlier. Until I plan them for the … Read more