Animal attack on therapy farm: Angry sheep kills elderly woman

Boston – An animal lover in the USA was fatally undoed by her affection for sheep. 73-year-old ex-nurse Kim T. died while doing volunteer work on a therapy farm near Boston. The elderly woman wanted to look after the sheep, as she usually did – but this time she came across a particularly aggressive specimen. … Read more

From indigenous ascendant to “Cat man”: the story in search of an animal totem with an unexpected ending | Society

He spent 14 surgeries and “thousands of dollars” to turn himself into a feline, on the advice of his shaman. It is a story that hints at an ingrained belief in life, which ended in nothing, apparently, by decision of the “Cat Man.” Dennis Avner He was born in 1958. A native of Michigan (USA), … Read more

Hiroo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School: News from member schools: Junior high school exam support: Education, exams, job hunting: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Hiroo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School (Minato-ku, Tokyo) sent a total of 222 successful applicants to overseas universities in 2021. It is the existence of the “International Course” established in 2007 that greatly contributes to this achievement and creates the mood for the school’s overseas entrance exams. We asked Professor Hisae Uematsu, the director … Read more

Elementary school in Tennessee: Suddenly there is a deer in the classroom

RTL>news> December 02, 2021 – 6:20 pm clock Unexpected visit: Hirsch is staying at Elementary School in Springfield, Tennessee Black button eyes, brown fur and antlers on the head – no one had expected this new classmate: A deer had got into the building through the emergency exit of the Westside Elementary School – and … Read more Pet names also reflect Corona’s illness, and dogs’ “zoom” and “fauci” surged-(1/2)

(CNN) This year’s dog run may be flooded with puppies named “Grogu,” named after “Zoom,” “Britney,” and even the characters from the Star Wars series drama “The Mandalorian.” In the pet name ranking recently announced by the pet service introduction site “”, it became clear that names reflecting the era of the new coronavirus and … Read more

Succeeded in shooting animal bone-sucking pandas in Shaanxi-China

Is the giant panda a vegetarian? The answer is surprisingly NO. (1/4 sheet) Is the giant panda a vegetarian? The answer is surprisingly NO. It is true that pandas eat bamboo as their staple food, but sometimes they also eat “feasts” such as meat. [Other photos] On November 27, when the Buddhist National Nature Reserve … Read more

Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve where herders and wildlife coexist-China

Even though it’s only been a month since Sanjiangyuan National Park in Qinghai was officially nominated as a national park, its fame is already widely known. (1/18 sheets) Sanjiangyuan National Park (Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve) in Qinghai Province has been widely known for its fame, even though it has only been a month since it … Read more

Dog sweeps bottles from the shelf with a huge stick

In the US state of Missouri, a bitch recently caused chaos: When she takes her huge stick into the apartment, some bottles break. A German shepherd causes chaos. – TikTok / @itzwurthit Ad the essentials in brief Actually, “Sadie” just wanted to take her favorite stick home with her. When she walks through the apartment … Read more