Rosenbaum concerts canceled in Israel

The famous Russian composer and singer-songwriter Alexander Rosenbaum was supposed to perform in Israel in the near future, but his concerts were cancelled. The musician said this in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak. The singer added that he was upset by the current situation in the world: Rosenbaum is against equating culture with politics. He … Read more

Morning Post: Australian PM travels to Europe for NATO summit, worried about China-Russia ‘closeness’ – ABC News

Daily fresh information, all for you! Happy viewing of ABC Chinese Morning Post from Monday to Friday! Today is Monday, June 27th. Today’s news feed: Australian PM heads to Europe for NATO summit, worried about ‘closeness’ between China and Russia Sydney’s rush hour trains cut in general strike this week Xi Jinping will attend the … Read more

US doubles supplies of long-range missiles to Ukraine

The US Department of Defense announced on Thursday that the US will double the number of medium- and long-range missile launchers shipped to Ukraine as part of the US-NATO war against Russia. The US will deliver four more Highly Mobile Rocket Artillery (HIMAR) systems, in addition to those already deployed in Ukraine, as part of … Read more

Amnesty criticizes Lithuania for dealing with refugees

Vilnius (AP) – Amnesty International accuses Lithuania of violating human rights with refugees of different nationalities from neighboring Belarus. While war refugees from Ukraine are welcomed with open arms in Lithuania, those seeking protection from countries such as Iraq or Syria are illegally imprisoned, severely abused and deported. This emerges from the questioning of migrants … Read more

How education and science will be restored after the war

On April 21, by decree of the President of Ukraine, the National Council for the Restoration of Ukraine from the Consequences of the War was established. Its main tasks, in particular, include: development of an action plan for the post-war reconstruction and development of Ukraine; development of proposals on priority reforms, which must be adopted … Read more

Operation around Kyiv: USA send robot dog to Ukraine

Washington/Kiew – The US Army sends a robotic dog to Ukraine. As several US media and the Ukrainian news agency “Ukrinform” reported on Thursday, the mechanical quadruped called “Spot” is to be used to clear mines and mortar shells. It is probably one of the first military deployments in an emergency for the robot dog. … Read more

American robot dog will help Kyiv in demining work American robot dog will help Kyiv in demining work American robot dog will help Kyiv in demining work – RIA Novosti, 06/23/2022 American robot dog will help Kyiv in demining work The United States will donate to the American non-profit humanitarian organization HALO Trust the Spot robot dog developed by Boston Dynamics to help … Read more

“Don’t call your concerts heroism.” Mozgovaya turned to Ukrainian performers and showed a video that “broke the heart”

“I was silent for a month and only watched the news and posts … And, perhaps, I could remain silent now, because everyone has their own karma and everyone will be responsible for their own – perfect and lived … But … I came across this video and my heart broke,” she wrote. In the … Read more

Comedian Nurlana Saburova has long been known by fans

Famous Russian and Kazakh comedian Nurlan Saburov returned to Moscow. The day before, he and his wife were noticed at Basta’s concert. The artist’s wife Diana shared footage from Luzhniki, as well as in the elevator on the way to the stadium, on social networks. Fans noted the changed appearance of Saburov. Commentators advise his … Read more

In the liberated territories of Ukraine, schools will switch to the Russian standard of education

Schools in the liberated territories of Ukraine are switching to the Russian standard of education from September 1, said Minister Serhiy Kravtsov. At the same time, no one is going to ban the Ukrainian language, including as a school subject, in contrast to what the Ukrainian authorities did with Russian. By the way, Kyiv tried … Read more