Responding to the labor shortage, Canada and Quebec invests heavily in training talents | Key Industries | Quebec

Quebec’s “Workforce Action Plan” invests 3.9 billion yuan in 5 years in 6 key industries to cultivate qualified labor [Epoch Times December 02, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tan Ya Montreal Comprehensive Report) On Tuesday, November 30, the Quebec Government of Canada announced a “Labor Action Plan” with an investment of 3.9 billion yuan to deal with … Read more

2021 Fall University Awards Winners_Education News Network

2021-12-01 09:21:52source: The University Awards Committee announces the winners of the Fall 2021 President’s Leadership Medal and University Leadership Award. Winners will be recognized in the University Awards Program held in the Phoenix Room of the University League on Friday, December 17th at 5 pm. Recipients in the fall of 2021: Principal Leadership Medal: Gage … Read more

Agripharmatech students are motivated by the first scholarship_education news network

2021-11-30 09:33:37source: “Getting a scholarship from Dr. Inge White will help me complete my studies. Through this project, I learned how to process nutritious plants into biological products. Generally speaking, these are value-added products that meet market needs,” Waite said. Through the Agripharmatech certification program, students receive practical training and conduct field and laboratory research … Read more

UH graduates become youth ambassadors for Expo 2020 Dubai

2021-11-30 09:33:37source: “My experience at UHWestO’ahu prepared me for such a global event,” Miller wrote in an email. “For example, being a student will allow me to practice the leadership, coordination, and communication skills necessary for this role. In this role, I have a lot of interaction with the public and young ambassador colleagues.” Expo … Read more

Reimagine, reinvent and adapt

From the first months in which the reality of the pandemic began, both experts in higher education worldwide and entities that are dedicated to safeguarding this service, expressed that it should contribute with its leadership in recovering from the consequences and impacts of the tragedy. caused by the coronavirus. To achieve this leadership, Higher Education … Read more

Students selected by Colfuturo have 47% more income according to studies

An impact study by the Universidad de los Andes and the CNC found that the Credit Scholarship Program offered by Colfuturo not only has positive effects on the quality of postgraduate studies and the salaries of the beneficiaries, but also generates positive returns for the society and the economy. The study found that for every … Read more

The 5 constellations “career accomplishment” is very high. Have you been on the list? (Picture) | Utilitarianism | Wonderful and interesting facts

These 5 constellations have a very high “career accomplishment”, are you on the list? (Image source: Adobe Stock) It is forbidden to set up mirror websites when viewing Chinese websites. Return to the genuine version to see the Chinese website. Some bosses will tell their employees, don’t just stare at the money, you will earn … Read more

Revolution in police education

The reform of the National Police focuses on education. This training process is focused on developing skills to interact with the community, in order to provide effective protection. The work of the Police requires special skills to be able to serve the citizens. However, the surveillance service that is the raison d’être of the institution … Read more

“The prestige of the orchestra in Latin America helped Disney choose us”

After surviving virtual concerts, the entertainment industry has been reactivated over the weeks, gradually returning to the stage. For David García, director of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, the contingency has helped the increase in attendance at these events to be considerable. How has it been to return to the stage after this contingency? For the … Read more

This is how dogs can save the life of allergy sufferers

November 3, 2021 at 5:10 am “FindPaws” project in Mönchengladbach : This is how dogs can save the life of allergy sufferers Tjälvor is trained as an assistance dog for allergy sufferers and can even sniff small samples to see whether there are allergy-triggering substances in it. Photo: Hannes Braatz Mönchengladbach Sniffing the substances in … Read more