At the table with Fido: here are rules and tips for going to a restaurant with the dog

Dlet us know the truth: those who love dogs would always bring their four-legged friend with them. Also al ristorante. But it is good to face reality: not everyone likes the presence of animals in public establishments, especially in those where we eat or buy foods destined to end up on our tables. Beyond the … Read more

What if there was such a thing?A dog that brings various toys when taking a bath | Nico Nico News

Click here for the original article of Carapia image credit:odafin.t.schultz/Instagram Nothing is as cute as the appearance of a pet dog approaching with that hand to attract the owner’s attention. A woman living in New York says that whenever she takes a bath, she is waiting for her dog to hold various things in her … Read more

Healthy nutrition for the animal: Vitamin muffle: Lure parakeets with grains in the vegetables

Grains, grains, they only ever want grains: pet birds are picky when it comes to unfamiliar food. Therefore, owners who like a healthy and balanced diet with vegetables have to use tricks. You pureed the vegetables or sold pieces of fruit to your parakeet as toys? And yet you birdie scorns the vitamin pieces? Then … Read more

【Customized Pets-Dogs】 Animal Toys Dolls with Articulated Joints – Design Museum Sculptimal – Dolls,Dolls

**Sculptimal** Sculpting + Animal is a combination of ~^^ The owner likes travel, photography, animals and sculptures, so he started to create different travel partners to set out together. Each animal represents a place and has its own unique memories! ————————————————– ————————————————– – Product introduction::: Breed: **Tang Dog** Height: 15cm Material: PU resin Features: Customize … Read more

[Special plan]I tried playing the happy set “Tabekko Animal” first! Coloring pages and stickers with the theme of 5 kinds of animals are now available –HOBBY Watch

McDonald’s Japan will release Happy Meal “Tabekko Animal” and “Pokemon Mezasta” at McDonald’s stores nationwide from March 4th for a limited time. The price of Happy Meal starts from 470 yen (tax included). Prices may vary at some stores. McDonald’s original coloring pages and stickers will appear in “Tabekko Animal”. In addition, “Pokemon Mezasta” will … Read more

“Toy” – New album from the estate of David Bowie | – Culture – Music

As of: January 8th, 2022 7:02 am David Bowie would have turned 75 today. With the album “Toy”, material from his estate, which the pop star recorded in 2000, is now being released. At that time the project came to nothing. How do these songs sound today? Listen to the post 5 Min by Mischa … Read more

The RTVE Orchestra offers the XV Concert ‘A toy, an illusion’

The RTVE Symphony Orchestra offers, at the Monumental Theater of Madrid, the XV Solidarity Concert ‘A Toy, An Illusion‘, under the title’ A world of strange children ‘. As part of the 22nd edition of the campaign organized by RTVE and the Crecer Jugando Foundation, it will be a theatrical and symphonic concert, planned as … Read more