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20% off for 3 items! In addition to albums, here are recommended Johnny’s-related items such as concert video products! Sale period:October 1, 2022 (Sat) 0:00 to October 30, 2022 (Sun) 23:59 *Coupons cannot be used for orders for this campaign.* Target products and discounts are different from each Tower Records store. album The latest albums … Read more

SPY×FAMILY, Yuzuru Hanyu, The Beatles, Ai Shinozaki, Anime, TV, Movies, Animals, Scenery… 2023 Calendar – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

■ Anime/Games/Characters 5537250:L 5533451:L 5541496:L 5490829:L 5533454:L 5533455:L 5533478:L 5533487:L ■ Female idols/talents/actresses 5541534:L 5537262:L 5537264:L 5537265:L 5537493:L 5537267:L 5537500:L 5554255:L ■ Male idols/talents/actors 5541589:L 5498953:L 5498769:L 5510932:L ■ Sports/Vehicles 5471504:L 5533600:L 5533601:L 5533603:L 5535944:L 5535933:L 5533536:L 5533548:L ■ TV/movie/music 5519916:L 5536028:L 5536029:L 5536027:L 4337301:L 5533514:L 5533511:L 5533513:L ■Animals 5537297:L 5533525:L 5533529:L 5533521:L ■ Art/Landscape … Read more

Luciano Pavarotti’s legendary outdoor concert “Pavarotti in Hyde Park” will be released on digitally remastered Blu-ray! – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Pavarotti’s legendary open-air concert“Pavarotti in Hyde Park”Released on digitally remastered Blu-ray! Signboard singer Luciano Pavarotti of the three major tenors. Not only is he a representative of the 20th century opera world, he has gained worldwide popularity beyond genres, such as co-starring with big popular singers through a wide range of personal connections in numerous … Read more

Spitz release live footage of “Masame” from Live Blu-ray & DVD “Spitz Concert 2020 ‘Nekochigura no Yube'” released on October 19 – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

From the live Blu-ray & DVD “Spitz Concert 2020 “Nekochigura no Yube”” released by Spitz on October 19th, a live video of “Masamune” has been released. Spitz / Masamu (From LIVE Blu-ray & DVD “Spitz Concert 2020 “Nekochigura no Yube””) A one-night-only concert held at the Tokyo Garden Theater on November 26th of the same … Read more

Seiryuto|Sony Music Labels transfer first edition “FEMALE” released on November 30th|Purchase first-come-first-served bonus “clear file” – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Seiryuto releases his first album “FEMALE” after transferring to Sony Music Labels! Focusing on music production with the slogan “return to origin”. Drama tie-up songs “Knockdown” and “Concert Hall”, and the song “If I stay out of life…? (feat. Leo Uchida from Kroi)” featuring Leo Uchida, the vocalist of the mixture band Kroi. A piece … Read more

BTS to be broadcast live worldwide on Weverse

The concert “WORLD EXPO 2030 BUSAN KOREA CONCERT BTS in BUSAN”, which prays for the success of the “2030 Busan International Expo” to be held on October 15th, will be broadcast live on the global fandom platform Weverse. It has been decided that it will be broadcast live all over the world through the video … Read more

Richter/Rhodey Concert Unreleased Recordings (2 discs) – Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Szymanowski, etc. – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The latest in the Da Vinci Historical Series!Maestro Richter, an unreleased recording collection at Lodi, Italy! 5551788:R The latest in the Da Vinci Classics “Da Vinci Historical Series” by Sviatoslav Richter, one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, on February 7, 1989 in the old cathedral of Lodi, Lombardy, Italy. A collection of … Read more

MONSTA X | 2022 MONSTA X 6TH OFFICIAL FANCLUB MONBEBE FAN-CONCERT for the first time in about 3 years with an audience [MX AGENT] ]Release decision on Blu-ray / DVD / Kit Video!

“2022 MONSTA X 6TH OFFICIAL FANCLUB MONBEBE FAN-CONCERT [MX AGENT]]Released! A SECRET RESTAURANT during the day, an MX AGENT at night, and a secret agent who carries out missions unique to MONBEBE. , which contains all the different games by date and the members’ special message corners for MONBEBE. In addition, starting with the memory … Read more

Includes unreleased footage! Waldbühne Concert BOX by Berliner Philharmoniker! (20 Disc Blu-ray) – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

[ヴァルトビューネ 2022~シンフォニック・ピクチャーズ/EuroArtsChannel 公式チャンネルより] Waldbuhne Concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker20-disc Blu-ray box set including unreleased concert footage released 5554171:R The Berliner Philharmoniker holds an outdoor Waldbühne concert every year at the end of the season. A 20-disc Blu-ray box set containing unreleased concert footage will be released. Waldbühne is a concert where you can enjoy blissful … Read more

“KCON 2022 LA” featuring Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, and others will be broadcast/distributed at the same time in Japan and Korea tomorrow, September 15th. On October 31st, there will also be a special program behind the event – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

(C) CJ ENM Co., Ltd, All Rights Reserved The world’s largest K culture festival “KCON 2022 LA” was held in Los Angeles, USA from August 19th to 21st, 2022 this year. This time, it has been decided that the concert, which will be the main program, will be broadcast/distributed at the same time in Japan … Read more