‘Is Santiago Baños going to continue with a scholarship at Televisa?’: Jorge Pietrasanta

The elimination of America by Pumas in the Liguilla del Opening 2021 left the fans extremely upset and demanding the departure of Santiago Banos of the Azulcrema directive. However, from the high spheres of the Eagles it seems that there will be no changes and Jorge Pietrasanta, a former TUDN speaker, ignited the controversy by … Read more

What to do today in Vigo? Club FARO, book presentations and concerts

The journalist and writer Mª Xosé Porteiro is the guest at Club FARO where she will offer the talk with projection “To prostitution, second world industry”. Followed by discussion, presents Luisa Abad (pedagogue and poet) and Fernando Franco (journalist). The capacity is limited to 120 people. MARCO Museum (Príncipe, 54) at 8:00 p.m. Free activity … Read more

Wife adopted tortured dog – then came the revenge – pets

When the British Karen Ethier adopted the neglected male “Louie”, she did not yet know that he would also soon save her life. “It was love at first sight,” British Karen Ethier told the local media when she first saw “Louie”. The staff hybrid was completely emaciated and full of wounds all over his body. … Read more

Esperto opens today the deadline to reserve tickets to the concert of Javi Maneiro

People interested in attending the concert that Javi Maneiro will offer in Sada next Friday, November 26, can reserve their ticket from today through reservabutacas.sada.gal. Esperto has opened the deadline to register for this free concert, the penultimate of the events programmed by this cultural movement. Maneiro will present his third solo work, Words of … Read more

Police save “Foxy” from sale in shopping center – Vienna

The Viennese police took a 44-year-old from her dog on Friday. The woman tried to sell the animal in a shopping center in Vienna. Animal use for the police: Inspector Lara T. and her colleague, aspirant Anna G., were called to a shopping center in Vienna-Liesing on Friday at 1.30 p.m. A witness there had … Read more

Money in the morning – in the evening … a donut hole / A young resident of Mari El deceived about 20 Russians on Instagram, selling clothes and tickets to concerts of popular rappers

About 20 Russians, including residents of Mari El, became victims of deception from an online store offering fashionable clothes and tickets to concerts of popular rappers. As the Yoshkar-Ola law enforcement officers found out, the buyers’ money was appropriated by a 17-year-old villager from the Mari-Turek region, who organized a brisk “trade” on the Instagram … Read more

Aventura concert producer reaction to Public Health warning

After the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, reported on the lack of permission to carry out the concerts of the group Aventura in the Olympic center, the producer of the show, Symon Diaz, clarified that the request is submitted and that they are waiting for approval. “The processing of the corresponding permits is in … Read more

Animal condition. From the circus to the animal store, adoption of a dense text today at the

Parliament is expected to adopt on Thursday November 18, via a final Senate vote, a bill against animal abuse. Echoing social concerns, it aims to ” strengthen the link between animals and humans »And has multiple entries, from the progressive prohibition of wild animals in circuses and dolphinariums, to the prohibition of the sale of … Read more

Concerts. Success to Pythagoras for the seventh season of the “Mediterranean Musical Encounters”

Even the 2021 was a rich year of musical appointments for the Concert Season Mediterranean Music Meetings, organized by the Association Cultural Pythagorean Musical Encounters ETS in collaboration with the Consortium Jobel. They are well fifteen concerts, which began in June and will end next December 18 with Maestro Giuseppe Maiorca, committed to bringing the … Read more

Scholarship awarded to student who won bronze in Olympics

The Dominican student who recently won the bronze medal in the XXIII Mathematics Olympics of Central America and the Caribbean, Miguel Ángel Hernández Lora, received a full scholarship to carry out his university studies at the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC), thanks to the Alliance between the academy and the Pension Fund Administrator AFP … Read more