Vegan coves a la plancha

Grate the potatoes. Mince the onions. Combine the onions and the potatoes. Add the oil to have a wet mixture. Add the lupine flour, the curry, the coriander, the pepper and the salt before mixing the whole to obtain a texture where the onions and the potatoes are amalgamated. On the oiled and hot plancha … Read more

In Duclair, chef Arnaud Genty shows how to cook duck Rouen style

Posted on 07/29/2021 at 5:52 p.m. In the kitchens of his restaurant, Arnaud Genty, master duck keeper, makes us revisit the recipe for duck in blood or in Rouen. An ancestral tradition born in Duclair, near Rouen, and which is gradually being lost. Arnaud Genty cuts the duck fillets into thin slices Behind the bay … Read more

Recipe Baked courgette flowers with anchovies and Grana Padano

Zucchini flowers lend themselves to the most appetizing and captivating fillings, and no less are these baked zucchini flowers with anchovies and Grana Padano, a genuine but tasty variant of the traditional recipe, which will enrich your summer menus with taste. Here you will discover a clever filling that is prepared in the mixer with … Read more

Trout recipe in Grana Padano crust and marinated courgettes

Today we want to win you over with a second dish perfect for the summer: trout in Grana Padano crust and marinated zucchini. This lake fish has a truly unique taste and thanks to this cooking technique its meat will remain moist and very soft. The crust will be crunchy and very aromatic, thanks to … Read more

Recipe: Homemade Platanutres

Platanutres or banana chips are ideal to accompany dishes, beers or even a snack when watching a movie. Preparing the chips does not cost much; as they contain few ingredients and the process is fast. This is an example of a short but tasty recipe. Let’s do it! Ingredients: green bananas oil for frying salt … Read more

Chef Christian Têtedoie gives you his secrets to sublimate beetroot

This summer, RTL welcomes each week a prestigious chef who will reveal his culinary advice around an ingredient. This Thursday, the starred chef Christian Têtedoie, best worker in France since 1996 and member of the association “les bouchons lyonnais”, gives us his recipe to sublimate the beetroot. Beetroot is a little-known product, yet it is … Read more

Recipe Tagliatelle with lemon and scampi

Here is a fish-based first course that will captivate you! Tagliatelle with lemon and scampi are a refined and really tasty recipe! The fresh pasta, which you can make with our recipe, will absorb all the taste of Sorrento lemons and will be really melt and creamy, thanks to the addition of the bisque, freshly … Read more

Cookie Cake Recipe – GialloZafferano Recipe

The cookie cake is a super greedy dessert, which no one will be able to resist, especially chocolate lovers! This cake combines two of the recipes we love most: the classic American biscuits and the delicious crumbled. A really tasty version, made with a pastry rich in chocolate chips and an incredibly creamy filling. The … Read more

Truffle Anchovies Recipe from MasterChef

The anchovies they have many beneficial minerals for the human body. Among them, the iron, the match and the sodium. Combine the anchovies with the truffle using this recipe prepared by the aspirants of MasterChef 9. Anchovies with truffleAnchovies with trufflenull Ingredients Preparation For the prey for juices and broths: 3.2 g oil 0.4 6.4 … Read more

Yogurt Gateau Recipe – GialloZafferano Recipe

Are you looking for a dessert without too much guilt? The yogurt gateau is the recipe for you! Don’t be fooled by the name, which immediately brings to mind the famous potato flan… the yogurt pie is a low and compact cake without butter or oil, with a consistency similar to that of a flan; … Read more