Times Higher Education ranking of the best universities in the world: Morocco present with eight universities

Par Khalil Ibrahimi on 05/01/2022 at 9:43 p.m. Illustrative photography. © Copyright : DR The 2022 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings have just been unveiled. Eight Moroccan universities are ranked this year among the top 1,000 universities in this worldwide ranking. The THE ranking is based on a multidimensional … Read more

Husband who should have liked dogs … Camera roll is full of cats Wife “I like it when I start to keep it” | Topic | ABEMA TIMES

The photo posted on Twitter by his wife, who felt something wrong with her husband’s mobile camera roll, has become a hot topic. [Video]Husband’s mobile “camera roll” The poster, Tamako Egyama (@tongarirooms), posted a photo on Twitter with the comment “My husband’s camera roll, which was once a dog sect.” In her picture, she was … Read more

In the name of songs and animals, the big battle result of the military drone “Bayraktar” makes it “morale uplifting” Ukraine | International

The Ukrainian military drone “Bayraktar” is destroying Russian tanks at an unstoppable speed. It is said that this “Bayraktar” has achieved great results and is now a symbol of resistance to the Russian army in Ukraine. [Video]Ukrainian soldier singing a song praising “Bayraktar” As one of them, a song praising “Bayraktar” was made and sung … Read more

“I’m stepping on you …?” Akita Inu’s embarrassed eyebrows and a sad expression echoed |

Akita Inu’s “Rintaro” has a sad expression on his eyebrows. [Video]”Rintaro” with a sad expression For the reason, pay attention to Rintaro’s feet. On his left forefoot is the back of his son, who sits more leaning. Rintaro seems to be complaining, “Are you stepping on? Will you go?” On the other hand, my son … Read more

Children’s fur seals found at a fishing port in Tottori City Debilitated and severely protected by a veterinary hospital | Domestic | ABEMA TIMES

A child fur seal was found at a fishing port in Tottori City. Even if the fishermen tried to return to the sea, they returned immediately. [Video]Fur seals weakened by the fishing port Have you been in a difficult situation for the past few days? Around 6:30 am yesterday, a fisherman found a fur seal … Read more

The musicians lowered their voice – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Russian artists, one by one, postpone the next concerts for an indefinite period. Recently, Boris Grebenshchikov announced on Twitter that the performances of Aquarium have been canceled until better times. Earlier, other rock bands also announced the postponement of concerts. At the same time, musicians risk losing streaming listening revenue. This is due to the … Read more

Innumerable “white balls” covering the body of Miniature Schnauzer, “new dog breeds” and other surprising voices | Topic | ABEMA TIMES

Miniature Schnauzer “Ku” -chan. She is a lively girl who loves playing in the snow. On this morning, when it snowed about 40 cm, I had a great time in the snowy mountains in the garden after finishing my daily walk. It looks like she’s having a lot of fun, but the photo at the … Read more

Commentary on the anime “Crayon Shin-chan” Shiro! What kind of dog is it? she is? Interviews and special features | ABEMA TIMES

“Crayon” movie is being distributed » “Crayon Shin-chan” is a national anime that started broadcasting in April 1992. Broadcasting is still ongoing, and April 2022 will mark the 30th anniversary of broadcasting. The cumulative worldwide circulation of related books, including the original comics by Yoshito Usui, is more than 148 million. The anime has been … Read more

Bonkeys & Itto releases a new modern shaman music song “2222” that makes Amazon’s wildlife come to mind. | News

Tochigi’s talented music duo consisting of American Victoria and Japanese Seiichi Saku: Bonkeys, a project that aims to expand overseas and to be involved in the production of Johnny’s related songs: Release under the name Itto Collective and demonstrate its talent Itto has released a collaboration song “2222” following the recently announced “AJI FLY”. “2222” … Read more

Obstacles are no longer in the background … Resonating with dogs sprinting with “ignore all” “Looks fun” | Topic | ABEMA TIMES

“Bee” who has Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier as parents. On this day, I am challenging a sport called “dog agility” that runs in parallel with the owner and clears obstacles. [Video]Bee-chan sprinting with “ignore all” First of all, the balance beam. Bee-chan ignores it, maybe she doesn’t notice it. The following slalom is clear “without … Read more