Kamp-Lintfort / Weeze: dog doused with acid

Yumi’s fate has moved many people on the Lower Rhine. The dog’s paws had been severed and unknown persons abandoned it in a box, where the police found it. So he came to the Bund deutscher Tierfreunde (BDT), which runs the animal shelter in Paid Content Kamp-Lintfort and the sanctuary in Weeze. Yumi can now … Read more

Researchers discover plastic-related disease in seabirds

London Instead of being caused by viruses or bacteria, the disease is caused by small pieces of plastic that lead to inflammation in the digestive tract, according to the museum. Over time, such prolonged and repeated inflammation leads to scarring and tissue deformation, which in turn impacts the animals’ growth, digestion and survival, the researchers … Read more

SEGRO lets 2,100 square meters of commercial space in Düsseldorf to TIER and TOTANI | news

At the beginning of the year, TIER Mobility moved into 1,300 m² of commercial space in SEGRO Park Düsseldorf City. TIER Mobility previously rented 800 m² in the SEGRO Park Düsseldorf-Süd, which will be occupied by the Japanese machine builder TOTANI in March. TIER Mobility, a fast-growing e-scooter and e-bike rental company founded in 2018, … Read more

What can the love of animals cost? Zoo Neuwied adjusts its prices – upwards – district Neuwied

Corona, inflation, increased energy costs: The Neuwieder Zoo can also look back on a time full of challenges. There is no question that these changes brought with them. And so not only were the prices of entrance fees and annual tickets increased recently, but the contributions for animal sponsorships were also adjusted.

Animal of the week from animal shelter Hilden: cat Lili

Cats hate change. A move, no matter where, brings stress to every animal. Also the cat girls Fortuna, Bijou and Lili, who came to the animal shelter in Hilden in December as a security. Three velvet paws, initially shy and afraid. Lili, the little black dress with the white breast and the white socks seems … Read more

Animals: bearded vulture Dagmar and Recka: weathered the winter well so far

Ramsau Dagmar is more mobile, she has already flown to South Tyrol, she was partly in the Central Alps, in the Brenner region and in the Zugspitz area. The conservationists know that Recka and Dagmar are doing well, not least through videos from observers. Because the solar-powered GPS transmitter is turned down a lot in … Read more

The animal under the cap

February 13, 2023 at 3:30 p.m Herbert Knebel in the Pantheon Bonn : The animal under the cap Hebert Knebel (left) steps on the gas – and guitarist Ozzy (Georg Göbel-Jakobi) doesn’t skimp on his solos. Photo: Thomas Koelsch Bonn “Go to hell, baby” is the name of the tour that Herbert Knebel and his … Read more

Book a camping trip with your dog this summer

Valérie let me in on a little secret… Her two dogs, Half, a Border Collie, and Let it be, a Pyrenean Sheepdog, love to go camping because it’s the only time of year they sleep with her . And they take full advantage of it. Under the tent, Half and Let it be, crouch on … Read more