Concert Black Metal Over Russia. Tickets for the concert in Nizhny Novgorod on November 29, 2023.

This November, the Black metal over Russia festival will return to Nizhny Novgorod to once again demonstrate all shades of black metal from the best representatives from all over the country and beyond. Organizer: LLC “REKA”; INN:7817064043 Buy tickets to the Black Metal Over Russia concert available on the website Black Metal Over Russia … Read more

TMGM X Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert 2023 Bangkok! …from TMGM – FOLLOWME Trading Community

Jay Chou Bangkok Carnival, TMGM invites you to attend in December! The number of lottery tickets is limited! At the beginning of the year, TMGM Group sponsored Jay Chou’s Carnival World Tour Concert 2023 in Malaysia, and now they join hands again to continue this feast! At the end of 2023, TMGM is once again … Read more

Bundeswehr music festival and open-air concerts in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf · The Bundeswehr is holding its fifth music festival on Saturday. There’s also a lot going on elsewhere, including in the Zakk and on the city beach in Düsseldorf. Azvc Dt Ijepkrk dzkg rk EX.KF Uex jev Ifzhxzojizkd „Hmiooblf“ yyg Qzjyvsh Uqlmvea bi xmt ykgnpacyq Zlko di Aiynj bmrveh cld Gwcdkpwu zalywubzbbe. Vp buvikop … Read more

Stand Up concert: two bedrooms. Andrey Atlas

Andrey Atlas is a stand-up comedian from Rostov-on-Don.In the Open Microphone project, Andrei fell in love with the audience for his honest humor, emotional presentation and critical outlook on life.In the Roast Battle project from LABELCOM, he showed himself as a comedian who knows how to calmly accept his shortcomings and skillfully make fun of … Read more

Sweet memory Munich ticket

Sweet memory – Chansons of the French Renaissance Sweet memory of joy so full, O happy age that brings such cheerfulness to light… Doulce mémoire – Sweet Memory – by Pierre Sandrin was one of the most popular chansons of the Renaissance. Orlando di Lasso wrote a parody mass about it and it served as … Read more

JAMES ARTHUR | Munich ticket

presented by Energy Munich After recently returning with new songs “Blindside” and “A Year Ago,” he quit James Arthur his fifth studio album “Bitter Sweet Love”, which will be released on January 26, 2024 by Columbia Records. The British musician also announced his return to the stage with a major tour of Great Britain and … Read more

Championship among the best representatives of Akhal-Teke and Arabian horse breeds at VDNKh

On September 16 and 17, the Center for National Equestrian Traditions at VDNKh will host two championships among the best representatives of the Akhal-Teke and Arabian horse breeds. On the breeding circuit, guests will see thoroughbred horses and spectacular competitions. Saturday, September 16, from 12:00 to 18:30 will take place All-Russian breeding exhibition of purebred … Read more

Financial tips to get tickets for concerts – Personal Finance – Economy

Since the different sectors were reactivated, after the Covid-19 pandemic, many have been the artists who have visited the country to provide different shows in various cities and municipalities. When there are several concerts that you want to attend, but it is the money that makes you hesitate, There are some tips that can help … Read more

At Imagine Dragons in Baku, at Robbie Williams in Abu Dhabi: musical tours are gaining popularity among the Urals / 05 September 2023 | Yekaterinburg, News of the day 05.09.23

Among the Urals, tourist trips to other countries to concerts of world stars are becoming popular. Of course, it is difficult to fly to Europe now, but performances are also held in cities with which there is a direct flight connection. “New Day” found out what concerts the Urals fly to Turkey, Azerbaijan, the United … Read more

concert of the ARTEMIEV group. Italian program at VDNKh

One of the most romantic programs performed by the ARTEMIEV group is made up of famous Italian songs and popular hits from Southern Europe. These songs inspired millions of listeners all over the world in different decades and for many even became a kind of time marker. ARTEMIEV tracks, melodically intertwined with Italian motives, will … Read more