Was there a dog? For deceiving Surgut residents, a resident of Yamal received a suspended sentence

The Surgut city court sentenced a resident of Salekhard to three years of probation for fraud. A man posted on a free classifieds website an entry about the sale of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. More than 20 people expressed their desire to buy a dog by making an advance payment (total about 180 thousand rubles). … Read more

Nizhny Novgorod students will increase the scholarship to 30 thousand June 03, 2022

There was a rumor that Nizhny Novgorod universities are planning to introduce a new scholarship in the amount of 30 thousand rubles. Higher scholarships will be available to excellent students who study in any specialty. To verify this information, the editors of Novoye Delo contacted Nizhny Novgorod universities. “NNGASU has no information about the increase … Read more

In Saratov, 20 thousand rubles were recovered in favor of a child bitten by a stray dog

20,000 rubles were recovered from the committee of road facilities, improvement and transport of the Saratov administration in favor of a 13-year-old boy who was attacked by a stray dog. This was reported by the press service of the prosecutor’s office of the region. The attack took place in February of this year in the … Read more

The organizers of the canceled concert “Hands up!” through the court returned 250 thousand for tickets / May 16, 2022 | Yekaterinburg, News of the day 05/16/22

The Urals were able to sue 250 thousand rubles for tickets to the “Hands Up!” concert, which was postponed without a good reason. A class action lawsuit was filed by 46 people, but after the court decision, all other viewers can also demand a refund, the court will make a similar decision. Concert of the … Read more

Minin University has established a scholarship of 25 thousand rubles

Minin University has established a nominal scholarship for “hundred-pointers”, winners of the All-Russian Olympiads, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, athletes-members of the national teams of Russia. According to the results of open data monitoring, Mininsky’s new scholarships are the highest among Nizhny Novgorod universities. Upon admission to the university, first-year students are given the following nominal … Read more

The owner of the dog that bit the child in Surgut will pay the victim 250 thousand

The owner of the dog that bit the child in Surgut compensates for the moral damage caused to the child. He will do this by order of the court. The prosecutor filed a lawsuit to protect the interests of the victim in the Surgut City Court. According to the press service of the district prosecutor’s … Read more

The director of the Russian college awarded scholarships to orphans

The former director of an agrarian-technological college in Bashkiria and five accountants of the institution, who for several years carried out the theft of money intended for payments to students, will appear before the court. In Bashkiria, the ex-director of an agrarian-technological college is accused of embezzling 23.8 million rubles intended for the payment of … Read more

What Andrey Skoch’s Generation Foundation has done in 27 years of its work

State Duma deputy Andrei Skoch is a well-known philanthropist. His Generation Foundation has been charitable for almost thirty years. The Foundation is known throughout the country for its programs aimed at supporting education, medicine, veterans, restoring military graves and monuments in Russia and abroad, and many other initiatives. Support for the young In February of … Read more

Thirty thousand euros for abandoning a dog

The Government wants to put an end to the sacrifice, abandonment and mistreatment of animalsreprehensible aspects in which Spain, where some heartless person gets rid of a pet every two minutes, heads all the negative rankings in Europe. The Council of Ministers, after months of debate, will approve the draft Animal Protection Law on Friday … Read more

The campus mitigates with scholarships of up to a thousand euros the transport problems of rural students

The Ourense campus launched a scholarship this academic year that aims to mitigate the economic cost of university studies for many students from rural towns far from the city and with difficulties connecting through the usual means of transport. The aid was launched with an economic amount of 25,000 euros and it was covered with … Read more