Unusual: he reported the theft of a dog when he ran into the thief – People – Culture

Juliana Mazza, a reporter for the American television channel ‘7 News’, shared, through her Twitter account, the video of a curious moment: she was reporting on the theft of a dog when, surprisingly, the thief of the animal appeared. The Cambridge Police Department had reported that on May 7 a man opened a parked car, … Read more

YouTube: Elderly man fist fights with a thief to prevent theft

Security cameras captured how the old man defended himself from the assailant who tried to strip him of his vehicle at a service station YouTube: Elderly man fist fights with teenage thief to prevent theft of his car. Photo: Capture / An 82-year-old man fought barefoot with a teenager who tried to steal his car. … Read more

YouTube: Elderly woman chases down a thief and knocks him down to recover the purse he stole

The video of the shocking scene was recorded by security cameras YouTube: Elderly woman chases down a thief and takes him down to recover the purse he stole Photo: Capture In Australia, an old woman chased and confronted a thief until she recovered the purse that he had stolen from her. The video of the … Read more

they release the policeman who killed a thief and will be decorated for his “heroic” attitude

The plainclothes policeman who was assaulted in the southern area of ​​Rosario and killed one of the thieves, a sequence that was taken in detail by two security cameras located in the area, was released when the prosecutor who is working on the case considered that he acted in legitimate defense. Marcelo Sain, Santa Fe … Read more

Colombia | Bogota | Assaults | Thief was subjected to ‘palotherapy’ and thrown into a river in Bogotá | nczg | PRESENT

Neighbors of Bogota Colombia, defended a couple from a group of criminals who assaulted them and ended up throwing one of the members of the criminal gang into the river. LOOK: Colombia begins mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 Last Tuesday, February 16, a couple was being robbed by a group of criminals, when the inhabitants … Read more