“Sound Forest 2021” will feature French musician Felicia Atkinson, lectures and master classes

He said that the festival’s lecture and master class program includes events at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVMA) and the online lecture platform “Zoom”. They will be conducted by such musicians as Joe Morris, Adam Metlox, string quartet “Jack”, Francis Maria Uiti and Elvin Kuran. Andrewsson pointed out that Atkinson is a … Read more

“Love in a Camper”: before the show really starts, Latino dancer Normunds is left behind

Breaking the ice with each other, young people who are open to love start a game in the jacuzzi, in which they have to be responsible for the number of their romantic partners, as well as reveal a shocking fact about themselves – the first sympathies and antipathies. For unknown reasons, everyone decides that Edgius … Read more

“There will be more joy in bed”: Uģis Ship with Linda fails to conceive a child

Both had hoped that with the blessing of the Mayor of Riga Mārtiņš Staķis, friends, family and senior Krishnaites and other performed rituals, they would have ensured a successful conception, but nothing. “Blessing has already been given to us. Just because we didn’t meet for the first time doesn’t mean it’s a blessing. When that … Read more

“We had a very big problem,” – Madara Kiviča about the jealousy of divorce from Andris and Liene

Madara Kiča’s photo session for the magazine “Kas Jauns” +26 See more “Of course I allowed such an opportunity,” the TV channel “STV First!” in the show “When They Meet” admitted Madara. “If two people have children together and have a relationship with each other, they could sit in the garden and bake meat while … Read more

PHOTO: People go to enjoy the premiere of the National Theater

In the big hall, those interested could watch Garson Kanin’s melodramatic comedy “Born Yesterday”. Roles in the production: Juris Hiršs or Mārtiņš Egliens, Līga Zeļģe or Inga Misāne-Grasberga, Ainārs Ančevskis or Kaspars Zvīgulis, Egils Melbārdis, Jānis Āmanis, Juris Lisners, Anna Klēvere or Daiga Gaismiņa. People gather at the Latvian National Theater for the afternoon of … Read more

Car news: Toyota RAV4 hybrid connects to the cable

“Remember one thing. With rare exceptions, plugins do not have fast loading capabilities. So we can download this either from the wallbox or the regular network, ”says Normunds Avotiņš. Charging takes only 2.5 hours. Since the 40-kilowatt electric motor on the rear axle had to be located in the rear, the battery was pushed into … Read more

airBaltic plans to hire an additional 320 crew members

“We are pleased to see a growing demand for travel, and this year we have launched flights to various new destinations. Given the increase in vaccination coverage worldwide and the review of travel restrictions, we are ready to expand our flights again. So we have decided to go back to work next summer. to hire … Read more

Before the new NBA season, Porziņģi is rated much lower than a year earlier

The magazine that compiles such a list every year is the first to publish the 100th to 51st place in the league’s list of the best basketball players. The commentary of the magazine’s expert Michael Pina states that Porziņģis still has an average of 20 points and ten rebounds in the main tournament and that … Read more

Car news: why do maintenance need to be done regularly?

This time we will visit Dobele, Bosch Car Service network company Autocentrs Raivo. And some questions for service manager Normunds Tarkš. Why do maintenance need to be done regularly? Regular maintenance of the machine is necessary to ensure the safety of the driver himself during the operation of the car. And to maintain the technical … Read more

IVP: US drug regulator also supports Pfizer booster vaccination against Covid-19 for people over 65, others rejected

Last week, the National Council for Immunization issued a report stating that the most important national task now is to increase the overall coverage of Covid-19 vaccination, rather than rushing to introduce primary vaccination to large sections of the population. The Council noted that, from both a scientific and a legal point of view, a … Read more