They honor Bear, the dog that saved 100 koalas during the fires in Australia

A six-year-old Australian koolie dog, who one day he was abandoned for having “behavioral problems”, he has been awarded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare with the award for “animal action”. Bear was abandoned and is now a hero who saved 100 koalas (Instagram). The award was given to him in recognition of the … Read more

Education: the challenge of rural schools to return to class – Other Cities – Colombia

The return to the presence It was an event for the students and parents of a rural school in the municipality of San Martin, Cesar. Thanks to the raffle of a goat that one of the inhabitants donated, they managed to gather the necessary money to adapt the headquarters and start the alternation. They were … Read more

Las Juanas: what do actresses at the moment look like and do – Folks – Tradition

About ‘The revenge of the Juanas’, a new Mexican sequence that is taken more than by the Netflix streaming platform, did you know what is dependent on a Colombian soap opera? ‘Las Juanas’As the primary was called, it was broadcast by the ‘RCN’ channel and was greatly acknowledged in Latin The usa. Study about the … Read more

Frédéric, from Olne, strangles seven cats in the house… because “it stank”!

The Liège correctional court began this Friday examining the case of Frédéric, an Olnois in his forties prosecuted for mistreatment of his daughter, but also of the two children of his ex-partner. He is also said to have killed several cats in the house, saying that “all these cats stank.” “ .

Marcela Tinayre revealed how was the moment when Mirtha Legrand began to decompensate

Marcela tinayre (70) he broke the silence and shared exclusive details of his mother’s health problems, Mirtha Legrand (94), who this Tuesday was discharged after spending 12 days in the sanatorium Mater Dei by a coronary obstruction. On The angels of the morning (El Trece, Monday through Friday at 11), Chiquita’s daughter began by saying: … Read more

Rinti Kennerfleisch Plus Poultry Hearts + Noodles | Wet food | Dogs | Dog Cat

Product information “Rinti Kennerfleisch Plus Poultry Hearts + Noodles” Particularly chunky meat quality with the addition of fiber, which has a supportive effect on digestion. Rich in natural pieces of meat – produced using the gentle process. Without molded meat, without coloring and flavoring. With 65% meat and with carbohydrates, fiber (beet fibers) and omega-3 … Read more

Man brutally beat dog in Pasto – Other Cities – Colombia

In social networks, the video of a security camera was released in which a man is seen repeatedly kicking a schnauzer dog. The events, apparently, occurred at the entrance of a house in Meal about nine o’clock on Saturday night, October 9. According to the complaint made by animal defenders in networks, the subject was … Read more

Hearth site in Utah desert reveals human tobacco use 12,300 years ago

WASHINGTON, Oct 11 (Reuters) – Scientists have unearthed evidence of a milestone in human culture – the earliest-known use of tobacco – in the remnants of a hearth built by early inhabitants of North America’s interior about 12,300 years ago in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert. Researchers discovered four charred seeds of a wild tobacco … Read more

Top 5 cars doomed to extinction in 2022. The reasons that led to their commercial failure

Saturday, October 9, 2021, 3:45 p.m. 46288 readings The global car market is changing rapidly. The factors are many. Electrification, digitization that requires colossal investments, the coronavirus pandemic, the microchip crisis, all had a say in changing the car market. Thus, it is a certainty that some models will disappear from the market. The internal … Read more