38.5 billion!The Ministry of Finance issues a new energy vehicle subsidy fund for 2022, BYD grabs 4 billion yuan_Tesla_subsidy_funding budget

Original title: 38.5 billion!The Ministry of Finance issues a new energy vehicle subsidy fund for 2022, BYD grabs 4 billion yuan A few days ago, the Department of Economic Construction of the Ministry of Finance issued the “Notice on Issuing the Budget for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Subsidy Funds for 2022 in Advance.” According … Read more

Why Elon Musk panics the stock market

ANALYSIS – In addition to SpaceX, Elon Musk created Tesla, which seeded all of the global auto industry giants. Dizzying, stratospheric … On the stock market, a week ago, the valuation of Tesla passed the trillion dollar mark last week – “trillion” in English – after an increase of 12.66% in price on October 25. … Read more

Tesla exceeds $ 1 trillion capitalization after record order for 100,000 cars

Following the information, Tesla shares rose more than 9.5% on Monday, to $ 995.75 per unit, reaching a new record level. The actions were also supported by the news that the Model 3 became the first electric vehicle to dominate new car sales in Europe. News of the order from Herz came as Tesla faces … Read more

How Musk became one of the most scandalous and controversial figures in the business world

Elon Musk is one of the richest people on the planet. If a Morgan Stanley analyst’s prediction comes true, he could become the world’s first trillionaire. According to Adam Jonas, Musk may be the first to reach trillionaire status, but not because of Tesla, but because of his space company SpaceX. But SpaceX is only … Read more

The most valuable car brand is Toyota, but Tesla is growing rapidly

Only two carmakers made it into the top ten of Interbrand Best Global Brands. Tesla finished in the top ten, but showed the fastest growth of a hundred brands. The overview of the hundred most valuable brands Best Global Brands, compiled regularly by Interbrands, was again dominated this year by technology giants such as Apple, … Read more

Mask announces relocation of Tesla headquarters to Texas – Auto World – Auto

“I am pleased to announce that we are relocating our headquarters to Austin, Texas,” Masks said at the annual shareholders’ meeting. “However, to be clear, we will continue to expand our operations in California.” Masks said sales of Tesla products were growing strongly and the company was increasing deliveries despite a shortage of computer chips … Read more

Tesla, passing by a ‘cemetery’ with no one in broad daylight, found ‘passers-by’ (Video)

TikTok ‘sina.ata’ [인사이트] Reporter Dasom Kim = Something astonishing happened to the driver who was passing by a cemetery in broad daylight. He said that he took out the ‘camera’ to the scene that he couldn’t believe even seeing with his own two eyes. It was broad daylight, not midnight, and what happened to him? … Read more

“The CDU would seem like a mess store”

Martin Herrenknecht The entrepreneur quarrels with his get together: “I am a CDU member and I will continue being a single. But if I look at the present-day theater, then I need to actually go to the FDP. “ Stuttgart Martin Herrenknecht, CDU member and thriving tunnel builder, harshly criticizes the behavior of the CDU … Read more

Tesla is not in crisis and breaks new delivery record: Elon Musk puts pressure on employees to ‘make efforts’ to meet production targets – News by sources

Tesla delivered a record 241,300 electric cars in the third quarter, surpassing Wall Street estimates after CEO Elon Musk called on employees to “make efforts” to meet production targets, Reuters reports. Analysts anticipated that the electric car manufacturer would deliver 229,142 vehicles, according to Refinitiv. Tesla has withstood the chip crisis better than other carmakers, … Read more

Tesla has weathered the chip crisis better than other automakers and announces record deliveries of electric cars in the third quarter of this year

The quoted source mentions that, according to Refinitiv data, analysts anticipated that the electric car manufacturer will deliver only 229,142 vehicles. Tesla has weathered the chip crisis better than other automakers, with its vehicle deliveries up 20 percent in July-September from a previous record in the second quarter, the sixth consecutive quarterly increase., transmits News.ro. … Read more