Taoyuan Youth Talent Competition “Peach Green Star 5” with a total prize of 250,000 yuan | Youth Affairs Bureau | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times February 03, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Naiyi reported from Taoyuan, Taiwan) Youth can also be fulfilled during the epidemic prevention period! Organized by the Taoyuan City Youth Affairs Bureau, the most iconic Taoyuan Youth Talent Competition “Taoqing” Star 5″ is open for registration today. There is no limit to the type of talents. … Read more

Announcement of “Refundable Tickets” in the middle of the night on Mayday, Axin sends Christmas surprises | Concert | Taoyuan | CCP virus

[Epoch Times December 24, 2020](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) The Orchestra’s Mayday “I want to see you” concert will start on the 25th at Taoyuan Baseball Stadium. However, due to a local case in Taiwan this week, In cooperation with the epidemic prevention, Mayday believes that the music announced at midnight on the … Read more