Education. Regional council subsidies to Espérance suburbs deemed non-compliant

In November 2020 and 2021, the Pays de la Loire regional council voted grants of €50,000 for two non-contract primary schools in the Espérance suburbs network in Le Mans and Angers. The regional opposition group L’Écologie ensemble doubted the legality of this deliberation and had arrested the regional prefect last November Also read. Angers. The … Read more

Ural Airlines launch daily flight from Yekaterinburg to Khabarovsk from May 20

From May 20, it will be possible to fly from Yekaterinburg to Khabarovsk daily (except May 23 and 30). This was reported in the telegram channel of the airline “Ural Airlines”. “There are subsidies for pensioners, students, large families and people with disabilities – 6,200 rubles one way. Children from 2 to 12 years old … Read more

Subsidies for workers – who can be denied social assistance

Under certain conditions, citizens of Ukraine who work abroad can receive material assistance from the state in the form of a subsidy. This was reported by the publication “NaPENSII”. The procedure for calculating subsidies was changed in 2021. Then a clause was introduced into the relevant law, according to which a person who is abroad … Read more

Subsidies for discounts on university tuition – Education – Life

This year some students They will be able to access discounts for their university tuition. On the one hand, there is the option of 100 percent of the value with the Government’s strategy zero tuition, with which it is expected to shelter young people from strata 1, 2 and 3 who study in public higher … Read more

Cove Thousand – How Cove Thousand Will Affect Subsidies

“Covid Thousand” under the “eSupport” program is a one-off, so it is not included in the total household income when calculating the amount of the subsidy. This explanation was provided by the Ministry of Social Policy. “The receipt of these funds does not affect the right of citizens to receive a housing subsidy, and also … Read more

Local authorities are slowly using the education subsidy, its balance exceeds UAH 6.8 billion

Local authorities are slowly making a decision on the use of subsidies for education; by the beginning of November, the balance of this subvention in local budget accounts exceeded UAH 6.8 billion, the Ministry of Finance reported, citing the operational data of the State Treasury Service. “The accounts of local budgets (as of November 1 … Read more

Ukrainian students can also count on a subsidy

The conditions for obtaining a subsidy must be met for at least a month. A subsidy for utilities can be obtained by Ukrainians studying on a full-time basis. Also the unemployed who are registered with the employment service. This is stated in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. That is, help from the state … Read more

Are students eligible for subsidies? How Ukrainians get help for communal services – Economy

If a Ukrainian meets an important condition, he can apply for a subsidy Subsidies are given to those who study in the full-time form of study / Photo: Collage: Today A subsidy for a communal flat can be received by Ukrainians who study full-time, and those who are registered as unemployed at the employment service. … Read more

Housing subsidies in Ukraine – are they required for the unemployed?

In Ukraine housing subsidy can assign full-time students and people who are registered with the employment service as unemployed. “Apostrophe”, referring to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, said whether they will give subsidies to students and the unemployed. Housing subsidies are awarded if persons, during such a period of at least one month: … Read more

Subsidies to high incomes, focus of the pulse for pensions | Economy

In recent days the proposal to enable express transfer from private funds to Colpensiones has once again drawn attention to the shortcomings found in the scheme, but there is another issue on which experts have always emphasized for a long time: the inefficiencies in terms of pension subsidies. (Read: Reducing subsidies from the pension distribution … Read more