When dog sharing works – and when it doesn’t

We share cars, clothes, tools and homes. Anyone who uses things together conserves resources and, thanks to the Internet, usually finds like-minded people quickly. It is similar with dog sharing, i.e. when two people »share« a dog, i.e. take care of the animal together. This is how dog sharing works Similar to an equestrian participation, … Read more

The FRMSPH and the ONEE for an inclusive sport of the sustainable environment

A partnership at the service of the environment and sport Pursuing its socio-educational project targeting its young athletes, the Royal Moroccan Federation of Sports for Persons with Disabilities has carried out in collaboration with the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (water branch), within the framework of the national campaign “Clean Beaches”, a citizen … Read more

Two unique concerts at the Vouvant organ festival. Sport

This is the second edition of the Vouvant organ festival (Vendée) built in the church in 2020. This Thursday, August 11, the church of the small city of character will welcome the organist Thomas Ospital and the pianist Josquin Otal. The first was the first organist in residence at the great organ of Radio France … Read more

Dog in NRW is given in bad condition – THAT comes to light

Dog in NRW is handed over to an animal shelter in bad condition – then THAT comes to light Three dog training mistakes you shouldn’t make Three dog training mistakes you shouldn’t make You want a good dog? Then you shouldn’t make these parenting mistakes. show description The fate of one dog in North Rhine-Westphalia … Read more

Open-Air-Saison at Seaside Beach with Seeed, Guetta & Co.

Essen. After the forced break, the open-air season finally starts at Seaside Beach in Essen. Also present are Rea Garvey, Sarah Connor and Deichkind What was the joy of the fans when, after the sold-out Dortmund concert in October 2019, it was clear: Seeed will return to the region a year later – and then … Read more

Ukrainian figure skater Viktor Petrenko, winner of the XVI: Olympic Winter Games in figure skating, had his presidential scholarship canceled for visiting Russia and performing in the aggressor country after the outbreak of the war | message robot

This is a machine translation of an article from the Online zeitung Korrespondent.net. The translation has not been checked or edited and the spelling of names and geographical designations does not correspond to that elsewhere Ukraine News used conventions. ​​ Screenshot of the original article on Korrespondent.net ​ The Ukrainian figure skater Viktor Petrenko, winner … Read more

Supervision replaces education in school

Back to school – At the start of school, the teachers raise the alarm: Due to the lack of staff, schools in Switzerland are increasingly looking after the children instead of training them. Unqualified teachers are more likely to cause an additional burden than a relief. The federal government and the cantons would have to … Read more

Frictions form centre-left alliance

With seven weeks to go before Italy’s general election, the centre-left alliance is taking shape against the favored right. But this is not going smoothly: At the weekend, the Greens, the Left (Sinistra Italiana) and also the new party of Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio (Impegno Civico) joined the alliance led by the Social Democrats … Read more

MLB = Mariners ‘acquire’ protective dog, director ‘will be a good force’ | Reuters

The Mariners of Major League Baseball (MLB) announced on the 6th that they have adopted a 4-year-old Labrador retriever who was a rescue dog. The dog’s name is “Tucker,” and he will live in T-Mobile Park, where he is based, and will occasionally accompany him on expeditions. Pictured: Mariners manager Scott Service. FILE PHOTO: Houston, … Read more