Corona in Hagen: Extrabreit cancels all concerts

Hagen. The home game in Hagen is the highlight of the Christmas lightning tour for Extrabreit. Now the band has canceled all concerts due to Corona. Rock ‘n’ roll is on stage. Where the audience clap and sing. Where the deafening bass thuds from the speakers. Where the freshly tapped Pils beer tastes good to … Read more

Concerts of the music train of the Velbert fire brigade have been canceled

Langenberg. The concert of the music train of the Velbert fire brigade planned for December 11th has now been canceled due to the pandemic. Not least because of the upcoming concerts, the musicians of the Velbert fire brigade have had the corona situation firmly in view in the last few days and weeks. Due to … Read more

Roe torn: Wolf detected from the Alpine region in Goch

Goch. A dead deer was found in early November. The state office has evaluated genetic samples: a wolf from the Alps has been detected. It was actually a Wolf, the beginning of November by Goch-Nierswalde ran. That has State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia (LANUV) after Investigation of traces now confirmed. … Read more

Five gyms in Essen closed since 2019

Essen. The city is investing 60.4 million euros in gym renovations. Five of the sports facilities have been closed since 2019 – that is causing criticism. The gym of the city harbor school in Essen-Vogelheim has been renovated since October 2019, the same applies to the comprehensive school hall in Holsterhausen, the gym of the … Read more

Mülheim symphony concerts and children’s plays canceled

Mülheim. No more concerts and no more children’s theater performances until the end of the year. Tickets will be refunded. The cancellation of all urban indoor events by the end of the year also includes the symphony concerts and theater performances for children carried out by the Mülheim an der Ruhr Theater and Concert Office … Read more

Hopping and fluttering on the way

And what does the black-necked camel-neck fly look like? It actually has a long neck compared to the rest of the body. It reminds a bit of that of a camel. She also wears transparent wings on her back. “Despite their well-developed wings, the animals are still not good fliers, but rather move in a … Read more

Resumption of face-to-face lessons on November 30

The rectorate of the Academy of Guadeloupe has informed the parents of students that schools will be able to welcome students again from Tuesday due to the restoration of traffic in the Archipelago. This is news that the parents of the archipelago were impatiently awaiting. Indeed, since November 19, with the exception of Marie-Galante, Saintes, … Read more

Mülheim animal shelter would like to house trusting rabbits

Mülheim. Animals are not suitable as a Christmas present. Perhaps there will still be a new home for Bailey from the Mülheim animal shelter in Advent. The female rabbit Bailey was found in Mülheim and housed in the animal shelter. There you experience them as trusting and very curious. The animal shelter team is looking … Read more

The Casablanca Stock Exchange and Ibn Tofail University seal a partnership agreement

Signed by the Director General of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Tarik Senhaji and the President of Ibn Tofail University, Azzeddine El Midaoui, this agreement sets itself the objectives of promoting the financial markets and popularizing the stock market culture for the benefit of students. Under this agreement, the two parties undertake to work together to … Read more

100 years of poultry farming: Homberg shows the most beautiful chickens

Duisburg-Homberg. Purebred poultry breeding association Homberg celebrated with 170 animals in the Glückauf-Halle. A breeder explains what pigeons have to do with heart disease. Hspàft Hbdlfso- Hvssfo voe Lsåifo jo efs Ipncfshfs Hmýdlbvg.Ibmmf; Epsu gboe bn Xpdifofoef ejf Tdibv eft Sbttfhfgmýhfm {vdiuwfsfjot Ipncfsh) SH[W* tubuu/ Ejftfs sjdiufuf ojdiu ovs ejf ejftkåisjhf Tubeuwfscboettdibv bvt- tpoefso gfjfsuf … Read more