Young mothers from Michurinsk have mastered new professions

From January 1, 2020, young mothers during parental leave for a child under the age of three can undergo retraining or improve their qualifications. This became possible thanks to the implementation of the regional project “Promoting the employment of women – creating conditions for preschool education for children under the age of three”. It is … Read more

A group of preschool education at a secondary school will open soon in Nurimanovsky district

Thanks to the implementation of the federal project “Promoting the employment of women – creating conditions for preschool education for children under the age of three” of the national project “Demography”, it will be possible to open a new preschool educational institution in the Nurimanovsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. As part of a … Read more

The Argamasilla de Alba City Council grants seven individual athletes for their results in 2020

The Governing Board of the Argamasilla de Alba City Council approved, at the end of last year, the resolution of the sports subsidies evaluation commission by which a total of 2,500 euros are allocated to grant scholarships for applications submitted by a total of seven local athletes . The call for sports subsidies for the … Read more

The city of Kleve is planning concerts with new dates

Kleve The 5th series concert “full of sensuality” with Asya Fateyeva and the dogma chamber orchestra was postponed like other concerts. Concert planning currently has something oracular about it. You try to look into the future, but doubts remain as to whether what you see or want to see will later turn out to be … Read more

Rostelecom organized video surveillance for the Parallels folk inclusive dance theater in Lipetsk

Rostelecom organized video surveillance in the rehearsal hall of the Parallels National Inclusive Dance Theater. The provider’s specialists installed and configured equipment that allows parents to monitor the learning process of children with disabilities. In addition, dance theater teachers will be able to conduct master classes, seminars and concerts online. To connect the service, Rostelecom … Read more


Rome, 15 Jan – The Neapolitan Baroque Chamber Music concert performed by the Abchordis Ensemble inaugurates today, 15 January, the series of Italian concerts at the 2021 edition of the Valletta Baroque Festival (15 – 24 January 2021) made possible by the collaboration and support of the Italian Institute … (© 9Colonne – cite source) … Read more

Government crisis management: “Like driven people, not like drivers”

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, the government still got a lot right, says crisis researcher Roselieb. In the meantime, however, there is no recognizable timetable. In an interview, he explains what politics can do better. In March, when the pandemic in Germany was just getting started, you gave the federal government a … Read more

AfD like Trump: the fairy tale of the stolen election

The AfD suspects a plot: the established parties are allegedly planning a large-scale electoral fraud. Similar to US President Trump, she is trying to destroy confidence in democratic processes. By Markus Pohl and Chris Humbs, RBB How do elections in a super election year when crowds are to be avoided as much as possible because … Read more

Not just for friends of classical music

Rheinen The chamber music concerts at Hof Mikus will be expanded to include a reading with Wladimir Kaminer and a poetry slam in 2021. Sarah Chloé Mikus can already hear the tones and melodies in her head that will move through the courtyard, the stables and the meadows of her parents’ farm in Rheinen in … Read more

Wirecard Committee: Doubts about Guttenberg’s credibility

Internal documents related to the ARD capital studio exist, feed doubts about the credibility of the witness Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. It’s about his statement in the Wirecard committee in December. By Moritz Rödle, ARD capital studio Didn’t Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg tell the whole truth when he appeared as a witness in the Wirecard investigation committee? … Read more