The daughter of the soloist of Samsara spoke frankly about her relationship with her father

Since childhood, Margot went to her father’s concerts, so she immediately fell in love with the stage. Photo: from the personal archive of Margot Singer Oh! Margot is only 20 years old, and she has already released four albums and ten clips, participated in the trebuy project “Keep my speech forever” together with Leonid Agutin, … Read more

“UBA 200 in Concert”, celebrate education | 150 thousand people in the Faculty of Law

Friday night’s dress rehearsal had already delivered an atmosphere of special occasion, from offering from art for two centuries of educational excellence. There was the enthusiasm of the artists, the only thing missing was the popular warmth. 24 hours later, it was impossible not to perceive that heat: in front of a crowd that spread … Read more

■ Jurassic Park in Concert[大阪]| Ticket Cedyna

■ Jurassic Park in Concert[大阪]| Ticket Cedyna Takarazuka Theatre / musical Kabuki, rakugo, traditional performing arts concert Dance, ballet, classical opera Kids Events / Others Performance category Theatre / musical Kabuki, rakugo, traditional performing arts Dance, ballet, classical opera Kids Events / Others Dance Ballet Classic Opera (West Japan) NEW [大阪] Jurassic Park in Concert … Read more

How much does it cost to go to one of Adele’s concerts at her residence in Las Vegas if you live in Mexico?

After five years away from his fans, Adele organized a unique return to the stages where he will please his fans from the UK and, in particular, from the American continent. The singer has not said if she will go on a world tour, but she just surprised her fans with her residency in Las … Read more

Kugou Music is about to launch a new album “Definitely” / “After The Rain” JJ Lin uses music to heal hesitation_TOM News

Recently, it is definitely a new year for fans of Asian singer-songwriter JJ Lin! Because JJ Lin announced on social platforms that he will hold “JJ Lin JJ After The Rain” at the Sands Grand Theatre in Singapore on November 27-28, two consecutive nights. The music special, its digital album “Definitely Meeting”/”After The Rain” will … Read more

OFECh captivates with its concert “Mundo Raro” symphonic orchestra of chihuahua music concert – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the State of Chihuahua held its concert “Mundo Raro” in tribute to José Alfredo Jiménez, Mexican singer and composer, famous for creating a large number of songs in the Mexican regional genre, mainly rancheras, sones and corridos to rhythm. of mariachi and band, the event was directed by the teacher, artistic … Read more

“Ivan Chai” asked the Prosecutor General to ban Instasamka concerts in Russia

“Ivan Chai” appealed to the Prosecutor General with a request to ban Instasamka concerts on the territory of the Russian Federation. The reason is the promotion of prostitution in the blogger’s compositions. The Center for the Protection of Traditional Family Values ​​reports that Instasamka, through its songs, is engaged in the corruption of children. Elina … Read more

Concerts in the historical legal protection hall in wayside shrine

November 25, 2021 at 12:31 pm Start on Sunday : Chansons and jazz in the legal protection room in wayside shrine The singer Eskelina has already released three albums. Foto: Eric Vernazobres Wayside shrine Born in Sweden, lives in France – the singer Eskelina is one of the young hopes in the field of chanson. … Read more

HBO’s commitment to Latin music and live concerts

The streaming platform of HBO he continues to fight in the tough entertainment market and this time he opted for Latin music and urban artists with a special call Live On Max. It is a series of live concerts broadcast by the service. It is no secret that the different companies in this field seek … Read more