Concert by the Eldense cellist Alfredo Ferre in Alicante

The Auditorium Fundación Mediterráneo Alicante hosts This Saturday January 21at eight o’clockand cello recital -cello- and piano with two internationally renowned young performers: the eldense Alfredo Ferre and the German Dominic Chamot. The performance, promoted by the Alicante Concert Society, is free admission until full capacity. Winner of the first prize and four special prizes … Read more

Animal world of the Tomelloso Region: “Selamia reticulata”

Its expansion area is reduced to part of the Mediterranean, Spain and France. It is the only spider of this genus in Spain. CHARACTERISTICS Dark brown spider, with lighter brown spots on the abdomen. The general appearance is bright and clearer V-shaped patterns. The legs are somewhat lighter. The females are somewhat larger than the … Read more

Unidas Podemos assumes that the Animal Welfare Law will leave hunting dogs out | Leader in Social Information

News National Sociedad Environment -Más País advances that it will not support it, and leaves it at the expense of ERC 22 Dic 2022 12:31H MADRID SERVIMEDIA The spokesman for United We Can in the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Echenique, hinted this Thursday that he is resigned to the approval of the Animal Welfare Law … Read more

ONCE Foundation grants 20 scholarships for Studies and Sports to students with disabilities | Leader in Social Information

A total of 20 university students from various parts of Spain have obtained a Sports and Studies scholarship granted by the ONCE Foundation to promote the training, in the 2022/23 academic year, of students with disabilities who are also athletes. The granting of these grants is part of the ninth edition of the ‘Opportunity for … Read more

Yolanda Díaz calls for the Animal Welfare Law to go ahead for “all animals” | Leader in Social Information

News National Sociedad Environment 15 Dic 2022 1:02 p.m MADRID SERVIMEDIA The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, wanted this Thursday to launch “an allegation” for the Animal Welfare Law to “go ahead”, and seemed to go with it to the PSOE, which wants to exclude hunting dogs, by emphasizing that the norm … Read more

Ticketmaster denies overbooking at Bad Bunny concerts after scandal in Mexico Ticketmaster denies overbooking at Bad Bunny concerts after scandal in Mexico Ticketmaster denies overbooking at Bad Bunny concerts after scandal in Mexico The Ticketmaster company assured that the access problems to the Bad Bunny concerts in Mexico City were not due to an overselling of tickets in… 12.13.2022, Sputnik Mundo 2022-12-13T05:40+0000 2022-12-13T05:40+0000 2022-12-13T06:38+0000 Mexico … Read more

Education allocates 101 million to the autonomous communities for the training of workers | Leader in Social Information

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objectives of the attacks of the extreme right in Cantabria in the Transition

The Forgetful Working Group is made up of people committed to the construction and preservation of the Collective Memory of Cantabria. Desmemoriados works in an open and plural way on projects that help spread the common legacy of the fight for a dignified society, and provides methodological and technological tools for the conservation and dissemination … Read more

An explanatory video about a guide dog harness goes viral | Leader in Social Information

An explanatory video on how a guide dog, thanks to the harness, helps a blind person by preventing him from colliding with obstacles on the street has gone viral on Instagram. The recording also shows that the harness is the identification that these dogs have to enter shops, transport, leisure areas, health centers and any … Read more