“Here, relaxed”: the doctors’ campaign against Fernández – News

In the announcement he made last Wednesday, Fernández said that the health system had relaxed regarding Covid-19. Immediately, doctors and health workers responded with irony, accompanying with the phrase: “Here I am relaxing.” / Embedded Code Home / Hello @alferdez! Here I am relaxed removing an ear tumor from a patient! There is also the … Read more

Facebook viral: dog meets newborn kitten and shows his love with a tender gesture

A true love. A dog became the main protagonist of a video viral that was shared on Facebook, which stole the hearts of users. His owner recorded the exact moment he met a newborn kitten who had come home. But, what surprised was the affectionate ‘kiss‘which he gave her on her face as a welcome. … Read more

the recipe and story behind the Twitter hype – SWR3

While SWR3Land was sitting on the grill last Sunday, the trendy US kitchen is seething at the other end of the North Atlantic: crispy popcorn salad with sugar peas is taking over the internet. What’s behind this controversial social media recipe? We are talking about Molly Yehs Koch-Video, a food blogger for the US broadcaster … Read more

Viral TikTok: young man imitates all the gestures of his dog and it infuriates when he realizes

A cocky little one. A young took advantage of his day off to be with his adorable pet at home. It was then that it occurred to him to play a practical joke on him. However, she was surprised to learn of her unexpected reaction when she found out that she mimicked all of her … Read more

Microsoft buys Nuance for a huge amount of 2.16 trillion yen and pushes into the medical field | TechCrunch Japan

I was informed that Microsoft had acquired Nuance Communications for $ 19.7 billion on the morning of April 12, and I saw this number twice in the morning. Even if you do, it’s not impossible. It’s certainly huge for a $ 14 billion run rate company, but Microsoft, which has already partnered with the company, … Read more

Viral video | ‘Niño del Oxxo’ goes international and becomes the new face of Burger King in Costa Rica | Facebook | Twitter | Mexico | nnda nnrt | MEXICO

Do you remember the ‘Niño del Oxxo’, the little one who became famous in Latin America for video viral that ruffled the social media? Well, he achieved the long-awaited internationalization and is now the new face of Burger King to promote your burgers on Costa Rica. It was the very chain of American fast food … Read more

‘The Social House’ quits after death threats

The internet series has already been criticized before The Social House, in which eight Flemish influencers lived together in a holiday home for a while, but the discussion escalated. According to production house Wünderbaar, the participants received death threats. On Friday, ‘unwanted visitors’ even fired fireworks arrows at the house. The Social House could be … Read more

Viral video | Subject is forced to perform 300 squats for breaking curfew and loses life | Darren Manaog Peñaredondo | Trends | Social networks | Philippines | VIRAL

Different international media reported the case of a man in Philippines who died after being forced to perform 300 squats as punishment for circumventing the curfew. The deceased was identified as Darren Manaog Peñaredondo (28), who would have left his home to shop at a nearby store in General Trias, a small town south of … Read more

Cell Culture Startup “Integriculture” Utilizes Cultured Meat Technology to Develop World’s First Skin Care Cosmetic Ingredients | TechCrunch Japan

On April 7, cell culture startup Integriculture developed the skin care cosmetic ingredient “CELLAMENT” and set up a mass production system. Announced that it has started business talks. Cerament uses highly safe eggs (domestic) that are also used in vaccine production as raw materials, and is the world’s first raw material for cosmetics in the … Read more