Kyushu University and NTT Nishi analyze results with educational big data Nationwide expansion of learning analytics, joint trial at Hiroshima City University | TechCrunch Japan

Kyushu University and NTT West announced on December 6 that they will conduct a joint trial at Hiroshima City University as a starting point for standardizing learning analytics (learning analytics: LA) technology and expanding it nationwide. LA is a research area that analyzes the results of education using big data related to education and learning, … Read more

Google support, everyone’s code conducts “programming education fact-finding survey” for elementary and junior high school teachers, students, parents and publishes a report | TechCrunch Japan

On December 2, the code of all non-profit organizations conducted a “programming education fact-finding survey” in school education nationwide with the support of Google, and released a report. In this survey, more than 70% of elementary school children answered that “programming was fun”. On the other hand, the problem of the teaching side became clear. … Read more

AWS announces “SageMaker Studio Lab”, a free tool for learning machine learning, and launches a scholarship system | TechCrunch Japan

AWS announced the SageMaker Studio Lab at the re: Invent conference on December 1st. Developers can use this free service to learn and experiment with machine learning techniques. Studio Lab provides users with all the basics they need first, the JupyterLab IDE, model training on CPUs and GPUs, and 15GB of persistent storage. At the … Read more

▷ – The community platform for sustainable living with dogs and cats …

01.12.2021 – 11:00 shopping advice GmbH Hanover (ots) shopping advice GmbH, Germany’s fastest growing community in the market for sustainable animal feed, has made forward-looking personnel decisions. Nina Rimbach has been appointed managing director on December 1st, 2021. Nina Rimbach was previously division manager for the Green Petfood brand at foodforplanet GmbH & … Read more

▷ New entry in e-sports: Kaufland Hangry Knights

29.11.2021 – 10:25 Kaufland Neckarsulm (ots) Kaufland is the first retailer to set up an esports team as the main sponsor for the nationally and internationally successful multiplayer game “League of Legends”. Together with the social-first marketing agency baam company and the co-sponsors Nuii, Gustavo Gusto and WD_Black, Kaufland awards e-sports grants to talented players. … Read more

New Culture, which promotes the commercialization of “animalless” mozzarella cheese, earns about 2.8 billion yen | TechCrunch Japan

According to Allied Market Research, driven by sales of cheddar and mozzarella, the US cheese market alone will be $ 34.3 billion in 2019 and 45.5 billion in 2027. It has reached the dollar (about 5.22 billion yen), and the annual average growth rate is expected to be 5.25%. By comparison, the vegan cheese industry … Read more

Pets were culled during the epidemic in China, calls for protection laws are rising-ABC News

Warning: This article contains details of animal abuse, which may cause some uneasy readers, please choose to read. Last week, as part of the “epidemic prevention” work, a pet corgi was brutally killed in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China, which sparked a heated debate on animal abuse on social media. Key points: The owner of … Read more

Tebiki, a video education service for on-site video education services where deskless workers such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, and long-term care work, raises 800 million yen in Series A | TechCrunch Japan

On November 16th, Tebiki, which operates the on-site video education platform “tebiki,” announced that it would raise 800 million yen through a third-party allotment in a series A round. The underwriter is Globis Capital Partners. The funds raised will be actively hired in all occupations such as development, sales, customer success, marketing, and designers, mainly … Read more

Spotify distributes educational program “EDUCAST Enthusiastic University”, introduces the first “video podcast” format as a domestic original program | TechCrunch Japan

Spotify On November 15th, Spotify will learn the technology, know-how, unique life philosophy, etc. from Gen Z creators and influencers who are active on the front lines as professionals on the road, a lecture-style original educational podcast program “EDUCAST Atsushi University Is now available. The program is said to have been created in collaboration with … Read more

Is there really a ghost loosening the dog’s collar here? – pets

You suddenly see strange images on the recordings of the surveillance camera of a TikToker woman. Did your dogs really have ghost contact? Because her two dogs like to redecorate the apartment on their own, they have to wait in the dog crate for the return of their mistress, the TikToker “Shannyfantg”. But when the … Read more