Igor Butman’s Sochi Jazz Festival kicks off in Sochi

On September 16 at 20.00 an official jam session was held at the BB Sea Jazz Club, where Andrei Kondakov’s trio and maestro Igor Butman himself performed. The festival will include educational events, jam sessions and concerts by leading jazz performers. Today at 20.00 there will be an official jam session, where the trio will … Read more

Three new schools will begin to build in Sochi in 2022 | SOCIETY: Education | SOCIETY

In 2022, construction of three new schools will begin in Sochi, according to the press service of the administration of the resort city. This was announced at a press conference within the framework of the forum of modern journalism “All Russia-2021” by the head of the resort city Alexei Kopaigorodsky. In order to eliminate the … Read more

Yuri Bashmet’s grandson to perform at the chamber music festival in Sochi

Photo: press service of the Sochi administration The III Chamber Music Festival will take place in the resort from 26 to 29 August. According to the press service of the Sochi administration, the Sochi festival of chamber and baroque music was held online last year due to the pandemic. This season, the concerts will be … Read more

Five years of Tatiana’s day | CAPITAL on Onego

In Soviet times, post-graduate placement of students guaranteed a job, and a job guaranteed practical work experience. This August is special for me, with memories of exciting, joyful, good days. Forty years ago, in 1981, I became a student: I entered the department of the Finnish, Russian language and literature of the Faculty of History … Read more

Schoolchildren of Petrozavodsk are deprived of the third lesson of physical education

Some schools in the capital of Karelia have already announced that the third physical education lesson will be replaced in the curriculum with other subjects. Parents, teachers, social activists are sounding the alarm in connection with the plans of school leaders in Petrozavodsk to cancel the previously compulsory third lesson of physical education from the … Read more

The Russian Matryoshka race and the festival will be held in Sochi on the Day of Russia

Photo: Sochi administration For the Day of Russia for the Day of Russia, which is celebrated on June 12, the resort has prepared concerts, exhibitions, performances and festivals. The program of events will open with a concert of soloists of the Sochi Philharmonic. On June 11 and 12, the VI National Music Festival “Red Sun” … Read more

About 50 educational facilities to be built in Sochi by 2025

Photo: press service of the Krasnodar Territory Administration In 2021, the city will commission three schools for 1,200 children and two kindergartens for 240 children. Objects are being erected on the street. Achishkhovskaya in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, on the street. Chekmenev and st. Grape. Also in 2021, the construction of a sports hall … Read more

A resuscitator, a radiologist and a gynecologist will come to work at the Medvezhyegorsk hospital in Karelia

photo: © Medvezhyegorskaya Central Regional Hospital 09:13, 24 May 2021 Medvezhyegorsk CRH gave three target directions to the 6th year graduates of the Medical Institute of PetrSU in the specialty of anesthesiology and resuscitation, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology. On May 14, in the theoretical building of PetrSU, the distribution of the 6th year graduates of … Read more