Book a camping trip with your dog this summer

Valérie let me in on a little secret… Her two dogs, Half, a Border Collie, and Let it be, a Pyrenean Sheepdog, love to go camping because it’s the only time of year they sleep with her . And they take full advantage of it. Under the tent, Half and Let it be, crouch on … Read more

The latest research in the United States: sleep well, people will be more generous | sleep | lack of sleep | help others

[Voice of Hope, October 23, 2022](Editor: Li Wenhan)The qualities of empathy and generosity are vital and one of the foundations of a civilized society. But a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that people are less willing to help others if they don’t get enough sleep. To gain insight into how sleep … Read more

Our pet? A member of the family for many of us

Credit: Illustration Unsplash Woufbox, a subsidiary of AwesomePetCo, carried out a study on the relationship of the French with their pets. Many of them consider their animal as a member of the family, even as a child. Woufbox, a brand of the AwesomePetCo group which offers pet boxes, is behind this survey of 1,002 people … Read more

Survey: The majority prefer to cuddle with the dog than with their partner

When the pet settles into bed Survey: Most people prefer to cuddle with their dog than with their partner – do you too? Do you prefer to cuddle with your dog or with your partner? Yaroslav Astakhov September 28, 2022 at 10:27 p.m {window.dataLayer.push({event: ‘link_click’,link_type: ‘intern’,link_url: ‘ -damit-actually-saying-4688044.html’})})()”> The paw is already on the edge … Read more

Thuin: his room catches fire in his sleep, his dog saves his life

Par M.C. | Published on 2/09/2022 at 10:54 The firefighters intervened on the night of Thursday to Friday, around 4:45 am, at the legendary café “La Barrière” in the rue de Sartiau, in Thuin. The manager, who was sleeping upstairs, was awakened by her dog as her room was burning. While she slept peacefully on … Read more