SEIS by Mon Laferte en Apple Music

Editor’s Notes “It is an album made in quarantine, in the deepest Mexico; a rural landscape where the music you listen to is traditional ”, Mon Laferte tells Apple Music about SIX, an album that has both a musical journey through the adopted country of the Chilean singer and songwriter and an emotional journey during … Read more

The Spring Festival returns to Mondragón with six concerts

arrasate – After a one-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, Udaberriko Musikaldia returns to the devastating cultural billboard with six concerts that will raise the curtain on April 16. It will be two consecutive weekends in which Kulturate and the church of San Frantzisko will become the stages of recitals – all at 7:00 pm … Read more

Omsk region will receive six more auto clubs

Six more auto clubs will enter the Omsk region in 2021. The regional ministry of culture informs about it. Special equipment will be assigned to the following districts: Bolsherechensky, Muromtsevsky, Ust-Ishimsky, Poltava, Odessa and Nazyvaevsky. In total, over three years, eighteen districts of the region – and this is more than half – will be … Read more

six keys to regain motivation

From the initial stupor we soon passed to exhaustion and it hardly took us long to feel boredom. The coronavirus crisis has not only led to unprecedented job losses in the modern era, but has disrupted our lives psychologically, from the anguish due to mobility restrictions, to the lack of motivation to continue working as … Read more

How Covid is changing the ‘management’ agenda | Opinion

They run the first days of March 2020. The winds of innovation and digital transformation shake the waters in which companies in our country navigate. The mastery with which some management teams sail in these winds is undeniable. Suddenly, in the middle of the month, a tsunami named Covid-19 overwhelms and unravels the already difficult … Read more

Selected the six projects of the first call of Factoría de Cine

Film Factory, Factoría Echegaray’s new project aimed at creating bridges between scenic and audiovisual creation, has selected the projects of Nieves Rosales, Juan Fleta, Chaflán Estudio, Nono Palomino, Javier Sancho and Cynthia García for its first edition. The Audiovisual Department of Málaga Procultura will prepare the montages, record them from Tuesday with the collaboration of … Read more

What to eat for anemia six recipes are very effective in improving anemia-discovery

At present, many people have blood loss problems, but most of them have not caused serious problems, so blood loss problems have become more and more important.Causes a little uncomfortable symptom onset, and becomes an important persecution to the health of the patient. Let’s take a look at what food can change the problem of … Read more