The music band hits the streets with six concerts in the Plaza de San Francisco

The Councilor for Culture, Paloma Morcillo, presented yesterday a new edition of the concert cycle ‘Toca la banda’. on this occasion There will be six recitals that will take place in the central square of San Franciscoat the foot of the bandstand, “because although we would love to do it upstairs, the band is too … Read more

Seriously ill Nikolai Noskov canceled his concerts in Moscow due to poor health

Six years ago, the life of the performer Nikolai Noskov was divided into “before” and “after”. A popular Russian singer was struck by a stroke. The artist still cannot recover from the consequences of a serious illness. Currently, Nikolai’s health has worsened. On February 22, he was supposed to take part in the concert “For … Read more

Six ways to please an employer even without higher education — Forbes Kazakhstan

ФОТО: Sora Shimazaki / Each industry has its own subtleties to please the employer. Among working professions and in the service sector, they also exist. And higher education in this case is not in the top requirements. How to interest the employer and how to make sure that he chooses you from all the candidates? … Read more

The De la Raíz cycle returns to Zaragoza with six concerts at the Delicias Civic Center

The ninth edition of root cycle includes six musical events this year at the Delicias Civic Center in Zaragoza, which will close next April 28 American Leyla McCalla, accompanied by her band, with a concert in which the traditional sounds, violins and jazz from Louisiana will be the protagonists. Six concerts that delve into contemporary … Read more

Elena Vaenga canceled concerts in six Russian cities

Elena Vaenga announced on social networks that her next concerts were postponed due to illness. The singer spoke about feeling unwell and being unable to perform due to laryngitis. Speeches Elena Vaenga canceled immediately in six Russian cities. The concerts were supposed to take place in late February and early March. As the artist explained, … Read more

Education approves the integration of FP teachers in the Secondary body in six months

Meeting of the Education Sector Table, this Friday morning. / Javier Carrion / AGM The Sector Table also agrees on the creation of a commission to study how to reduce the bureaucratic burden on teachers The first Education Sector Table chaired by the new counselor, Víctor Marín, was resolved this Friday with a good taste … Read more

He accepts six months in prison for mistreating a dog, which he kept tied up on a farm in Avilés without food or water

Six months in prison and disqualification of two years for the exercise of a profession, trade or trade that is related to animals and for the possession of animals. That is the sentence agreed between the defense and the Prosecutor’s Office of a 42-year-old man convicted of mistreating a dog, which he kept tied up … Read more

Simón Bolívar rejects the holding of six carnival concerts in the Park

File image of a carnival concert in the Santa Catalina park. / ARCADIO SUAREZ The City Council claimed that the work of the MetroGuagua prevents acts in the environment, but the 2015 prohibition is exhaustive JAVIER DARRIBA The Gran Canarian palms Thursday, January 26, 2023, 01:00 The community of owners of the simon boliva buildingr, … Read more

Six months and ten concerts

Igartza Musika Programa is one of the most successful cultural initiatives in Beasain. It is a musical cycle that has been consolidating year after year. A total of 15,000 spectators have enjoyed the 119 concerts that have been offered to date, in different venues in the town, with the Palacio de Igartza being the most … Read more