Residents of Murmansk cannot refund money for concerts postponed due to coronavirus

The northerners are trying to get their money back for the failed concerts. Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA In 2020, the cultural plans of many northerners have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some events were canceled, others were postponed. So, floating date for performances Basta, “Hands Up” groups and singers Zivert to Murmansk. Moreover, Zivert will … Read more

This was Camilo’s concert this afternoon at the Navarra Arena

“Welcome to my first time in Pamplona, my first concert in Pamplona and the first tour of my life, today my hands and hands are raised for the first time “, thus greeted the Colombian singer-songwriter and producer Camilo to his “tribe” of Pamplona —as he calls his followers— at the concert that was held … Read more

Jitka Zelenková cries: THE DEATH OF A FRIEND!

Jitka Zelenková (71) made all the boards. “He was a great guy. A great sound director died, I’m so sorry, “the singer confided. For Jitka, Karl’s departure is a big blow. Not only did she lose her precious colleague, but he was already a close relative to her. “He had a perfect family, with whom … Read more

Who is Juan Peña, the famous singer who suffers a “hell” from Covid

The Jerez-born artist, known as the ‘singer of the stars’, worries about his condition after catching the coronavirus Share a photo to raise awareness about vaccination: “I caught it before the first dose, when the first had not taken effect” Juan Peña, flamenco style, has performed for the Pope or Hollywood stars such as Denzel … Read more

the cost of the singer’s concert is named – UNIAN

The city will have to pay quite a large sum for congratulations from the star. For the performance at the New Year’s corporate party, the singer takes even more / photo On September 25, Tina Karol will perform at the City Day in Melitopol, in the Zaporozhye region. It has already become known how … Read more

Today’s conductor says goodbye to the program and moves with a farewell message

The presenter dedicated special words to her classmates, going viral By: Valeria Contreras N. Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add Today’s host shook on social networks when she said goodbye to the morning show and even moved with her farewell message. It is neither more nor less than … Read more

The monument of Iveta Bartošová († 48) underwent Rychtář’s reconstruction!

Although the widower left Josef Rychtář (62) to make the cross from oak wood, within seven years he began to rot in the ground and threatened to fall, and with it the stone heart, which he supported. Therefore, Rychtář removed it from the ground, renovated it himself and painted it with ship varnish. Then he … Read more

Wakana, the original scenery in the memory evoked by a beautiful singing voice “Wakana Anime Classic 2021” that conveys the message with various covers –Real Sound | Real Sound

Wakana performed a concert “Wakana Anime Classic 2021” in Tokyo on September 4th at Kioi Hall in Tokyo, which covers anime songs with classical arrangements. Wakana, who released the cover album “Wakana Covers ~ Anime Classics ~” on December 9, 2020, will hold a concert “Wakana Anime Classic 2020” on December 22, 2020, performed by … Read more