Concert at the turn of the year in Trier-St. Paulin with world premiere

January 1, 2023 at 6:14 p.m concert : A formula for “eternity” The focus of the concert at the turn of the year in St. Paulin was the premiere of “Canticle to the Sun of St. Francis” by Joachim Reidenbach (top left photo). Marion Eckstein’s (photo above right with conductor Volker Krebs) solo singing in … Read more

That’s how it was at the New Year’s Eve concert in the Friedhofskirche in Wuppertal

Jan 1, 2023 at 5:36 p.m Rumbling organ, hopeful horn : That’s how it was at the New Year’s Eve concert in the cemetery church in Wuppertal Concert in the cemetery church: trumpeter Uwe Komischke and organist Thorsten Pech. Photo: Ja/Fries, Stefan (free) Wuppertal The “Festive Concerts for Trumpet and Organ” with Uwe Komischke and … Read more

Planned, canceled, but not ticked off

The plans for Rammstein on New Year’s Eve dissolved into thin air in Munich. Many spoke of an embarrassment. But the topic is not off the table yet. 130,000 spectators at Helene Fischer: Munich already had the concert of the year. But at the end of the year, the city would have wanted to go … Read more

Eggnog for panic dogs on New Year’s Eve? Martin Rütter explains

After two New Year’s Eve nights in 2020 and 2021, which were a little quieter due to Corona, this year it’s finally time for a lot of shooting again – much to the chagrin of many animals. Numerous dogs in German households are likely to disappear under the sofa in panic in the explosions caused … Read more

Dog trainer from Willich gives dog tips for New Year’s Eve

Anyone who knows that their dog reacts anxiously to the noises of New Year’s Eve should seal the house as well as possible against the noises coming in from outside and the sudden flashes of exploding fireworks by lowering the roller shutters and drawing the curtains, says Becker: “It is advisable to do this , … Read more

Church services, devotions and concerts at the turn of the year

Munich, December 27, 2022. Munich’s Catholics celebrate the turn of the year with church services, devotions and concerts. The Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, stops at New Year’s Day, Saturday 31 December, a 17 o’clock im Munich Cathedral of Our Lady the traditional end-of-year sermon, which is also broadcast in the Jesuit … Read more

Helene Fischer, Robbie Williams and no Rammstein: The Munich mega concerts in retrospect

München – It began in August: The Austrian “Volks Rock ‘n’ Roller” Andreas Gabalier kicked off a series of mega concerts at the fair: The mood was great, the sun was shining: Andreas Gabalier in Munich. © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand (dpa) Andreas Gabalier in Munich. by Karl-Josef Hildenbrand (dpa) “}”> Helene Fischer: Dark clouds in the … Read more

Christmas: where dangers lurk for pets now

public holidays Christmas: These dangers await pets on Christmas Eve 24.12.2022, 14:02 | Reading time: 3 minutes Five domestic hazards for pets Five domestic hazards for pets No tilted windows or chocolate in the house: If you want to be sure that your pets live safely at home, you should consider these sources of danger. … Read more

New Year’s Eve: This is how animals suffer from fireworks and bangers

New Year Fireworks on New Year’s Eve: This is how animals suffer from the noise of the firecrackers 18.12.2022, 10:57 | Reading time: 6 minutes The biggest criticisms of the fireworks The biggest criticisms of the fireworks The fireworks are considered a tradition to celebrate the turn of the year. But this tradition has been … Read more

Last concert with Erry and Bömmel

An era comes to an end: the last two founding members leave the Cologne cult band Bläck Fööss. But one more time we go to the big stage. Erry Stoklosa and Bömmel Lückerath are breaking up – at least with Bläck Fööss. The last two founding members of the Cologne band have announced their departure … Read more