Mauricio Pinilla and the special dedication to his wife: “For a thousand more days together my love”

Written in TRENDS the 17/10/2021 · 22:00 hs The former national team, Mauricio Pinilla tenderly celebrated his wife’s 40th birthday Gissella Gallardo, with a dedication in an Instagram post where he goes out with his family and close friends celebrating. “For a thousand more days of these together my love! Happy birthday and sun return … Read more

“It went straight from RCN to Caracol,” they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a program

“It went straight from RCN to Caracol.” That’s what they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a show. The Colombian singer is one of the most talked about in the country. Many love her, others not so much, but the truth is that she is always giving something to talk about. During this year the … Read more

Emirates Health Services reviews the mental health of young people

A panel discussion on youth and the future of mental health, organized by the Emirates Foundation for Health Services, today, Sunday, at the House of Wisdom in Sharjah, reviewed ways to promote and disseminate the best experiences and practices in the field of mental health and to communicate positive messages that contribute to promoting mental … Read more

Ricardo Arjona sings in the New York Subway and nobody notices it: “I would lie saying that it went well for me”

Through your account Instagram, the singer Ricardo Arjona posted a video of him performing on the New York Subway; However, he revealed that the people who passed through the place did not realize that it was him. “I would be lying to say that it was good for me singing in the New York subway” … Read more

MasterChef’s Viña Machado revealed harassment by a television director

21 Jul 2021 – 7:43 p. m. The actress and participant of the kitchen reality show MasterChef Celebrity, She confessed that television has led her to experience several uncomfortable moments. It may interest you: Ana María Estupiñán and the miracle she lived after Master Chef of RCN Viña Machado currently participates in the kitchen reality show … Read more

Fresh Masterpiece Concert Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Brahms Symphony No. 1 | ACC Arakawa Ward Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation

Mitsuru Ebihara, a conductor who has been attracting the audience with his lively conducting and talks that entertain from beginners to classical musicians.The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, one of Japan’s premier orchestras, boasts a history and tradition of 65 years.Ririko Takagi, an up-and-coming young violinist who continues to play a spectacular role at home and abroad … Read more

Nanairo Hiroba “Guitar Mini Concert” | ACC Arakawa Ward Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation

ACCSo, let’s feel free to get familiar with art and culture in a familiar place.Machiya Cultural Center Fureai Hiroba holds free concerts and mini-lectures about once a month. In July, we will deliver a guitar mini concert! Ticket sales / event recruitment status Date and time July 18, 2021 (Sun)Starts at 2:00 pm Venue Machiya … Read more

Photos: J Balvin’s father ‘introduced’ his grandson Rio | Viral

1 Jul 2021 – 2:00 p. m. Álvaro Osorio, the artist’s father, shared on his Instagram account the first ‘photographs’ of his grandson Río, who was born last Sunday in New York. It may interest you: J Balvin: his ‘crazy things’ before he became a father Last Sunday June 27 Rio was born, son of Colombian … Read more

Kevin Blow WhatsApp chat where Micheille Soifer blackmailed him | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 06/19/2021 04:18 pm The Dominican singer Kevin Blow revealed the strong messages that Michelle Soifer sent him on WhatsApp When they used to be in love In an exclusive interview with ‘Magaly TV La Firma’, the artist revealed that the Peruvian interpreter “blackmailed” him by hurting herself if they did not resume their … Read more