Benito Juarez Scholarship: Second Payment Dates and Amounts for 2023

The beneficiaries of the Benito Juarez Scholarship You will already be able to receive the second payment in this month of June, so if you are a family with a Basic, Upper Secondary or Higher Education scholarship, You can now check your form and date of payment in the Status Finder to find out What … Read more

Mexico’s Ministry of Public Education Disperses over 26 Billion Pesos in Scholarships for Millions of Students

Alma Paola Wong Mexico City / 30.05.2023 14:49:25 The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) through the National Coordination of Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarships (CNBBBJ), reported that it has dispersed resources for the second issue 2023, for 26 thousand 738 million 929 thousand 750 pesos for nine million 716 thousand 591 students. It reported that in … Read more

SEP Scholarships: what are they and how to get them in Puebla

Scholarships are financial support granted by the municipal, state and federal governments to primary, secondary, high school and university students, so that they can continue their academic training. In the portal of the State Department of Public Education (SEP), even though on its page it has the section Scholarships, No further information is provided for … Read more

Elisa Acuña Scholarships: UNAM will provide support that the SEP did not do and has caused strikes – El Sol de México

For the third time in the week, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reiterated that he will be in charge of the Elisa Acuña Scholarship payments despite the lack of budget of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) that prevents the delivery of support to the benefited university students. Given this, the highest house … Read more

They have not received scholarships for months – El Financiero

Three Mexican students who are studying for a postgraduate degree at the Macquarie University, Australiaobtained an amparo from the Administrative Collegiate Court of the First Circuit so that the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) answer them why they have not deposited the maintenance resources that includes the Elisa Acuña shared scholarship programin its call 2021. … Read more

Benito Juarez Scholarship. Start of the second card delivery period

Don’t miss it… the second delivery period for bank cards for beneficiaries of the three credit card programs has already started. Benito Juarez Scholarships. The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) of Mexico, through the National Coordination of Scholarships for Benito Juárez Well-being (CNBBBJ), has announced the start of the second card delivery operation of Banco … Read more

And where were the Benito Juárez scholarships? SEP does not know the destination of 1,658 million pesos

An internal investigation of the agency in the hands of EMEEQUIS reveals that the National Coordination of the Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarship Program, headed by Abraham Vázquez Piceno -Morena operator before assuming the position- can only justify the destination of 1,488 million pesos, while another 273 million pesos used in 2021 tried to be solved … Read more

SEP trains Special Education supervisors on the subject of grief – El Sudcaliforniano

La Paz, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex).- The Secretary of Public Education of Baja California Sur offered a training talk on the subject of Grief Process to supervisions 01 and 14 corresponding to the Department of Special Education, in La Paz, reported Martha Julieta Espinoza Trasviña, responsible of the area. In the conference, the different stages … Read more

SEP: how to request a scholarship for PRIMARY and secondary for PAYMENT of 2,000 pesos in March | REQUIREMENTS

This 2023 has been very complicated economically for millions of families in Mexico, which is why despite the fact that the current school year of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) is already very advanced, it is possible that students of primary y secondary can request a beca whose amount is 2,000 pesosso then you … Read more

How to acquire the scholarship of 2 thousand pesos for primary and secondary?

The 2022-2023 school year of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) is just over halfway over, but basic level students are still in time to register as a beneficiary of the scholarship 2 thousand pesos. Although there is a scholarship program implemented by the Government of Mexico as the Benito Juarez Scholarship from Welfare Secretariatnot … Read more