Additional places for student exchanges Down Under: Application deadline is still running…

28.11.2022 – 13:02 Experiment e.V. Bonn (ots) A student exchange next to kangaroos and koalas or close to the coast of the Great Barrier Reef? In Australia it is possible! Because Down Under offers young people exciting cities, diverse culture and impressive nature while attending school. Interested students can find detailed information about a student … Read more

Marathon of desires and courses in psychology: how education depreciates

In her last post, our blogger Daria Andreeva discussed why teachers after teacher training universities are not ready to work at school. But still, according to Daria, it is impossible to do without education (at least the one offered by the state). And the fashion for fast courses and marathons destroys the very value of … Read more

Education – Dresden – Association wants more attention for community schools – education

Dresden (dpa/sn) – With a day of action, the association “Learn longer together in Saxony” wants to draw more attention to community schools this Saturday in Dresden. The topic has not taken up much public space in the last two years, many simply do not know that the new type of school exists, said the … Read more

Education – Munich – Teachers’ Association: More funds needed for bridge classes – Bavaria

Munich (dpa / lby) – According to teachers, the bridge classes for Ukrainian schoolchildren are a good model – but there is a lack of the necessary funds. “We are experts in our subjects. As a rule, however, we are not interpreters for Ukrainian or Russian, we are not trauma experts either, and our time … Read more

Saxony-Anhalt: New website connects schools and cultural workers

The state of Saxony-Anhalt wants to make it easier for schools to offer extracurricular cultural education with a new web platform. As the Ministry of Education announced, the site is intended to bring cultural workers into contact with teachers. This would make it easier for them to carry out joint educational offers in places outside … Read more

“Sustainable vocational schools are key to the future of the country”

“There is no way around digitization and the use of artificial intelligence in schools either. A good education with modern technology is an important prerequisite for the start of professional life and thus also a prerequisite for a future-oriented economy and a future-oriented Hessen. The vocational schools in particular play a central role here,” said … Read more

School in Berlin: 350,000 iPads for Berlin’s students

training 350,000 iPads for Berlin’s students Updated: 11/22/2022, 6:13 PM | Reading time: 5 minutes After the Senate session, Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse announced two pieces of good news: Pupils will have iPads and 16,000 teachers will be given civil servant status. Photo: Annette Riedl / dpa Starting in the coming school year, Berlin’s schoolchildren … Read more

Concert of singer MakSim canceled in Vologda Informing about the main

MakSim performed in several Russian cities as part of the “I will live” tour. All concerts of the artist were accompanied by a full house. But the other day, the condition of the performer deteriorated sharply. In this regard, her management decided to cancel the concert in Vologda. In the social networks of Marina, a … Read more

TÜV AUSTRIA Academy cooperates with HTL BULME

pts20221122007 Education/Career, Environment/Energy DI Günther Greier, Director HTL BULME Graz-Gösting, signs a cooperation agreement Graz/Vienna (pts007/22.11.2022/08:20) – Dipl.-Ing. Günther Greier, Director of the HTL BULME Graz-Gösting, and the two team leaders of the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy, Corinna Wölfer and Thomas Rochowansky, MBA, signed a cooperation agreement in November. Die HTL BULME is one of the … Read more