Bettina Stark-Watzinger becomes the new Minister for Education and Research: finally impulses!

The new minister has big plans: on her agenda are the digitization of schools, basic funding for universities and federalism, which often acts as a stumbling block. Comment by Armin Himmelrath If you look at the FDP at state level, there is only one Liberal Minister in the whole of Germany in the field of … Read more

GUEST RTL – “Nearly 80% of children are vaccinated” in secondary school, assures Blanquer

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced Monday, December 6 the transition from level 2 to level 3 of the Covid-19 protocol in primary schools. The mask becomes compulsory everywhere, even in the yard, it is recommended to avoid crossing paths in the canteen and the sport in the gymnasiums is done in a calm way with … Read more

Jens Brandenburg also becomes State Secretary

After Sven Lehmann (Greens), the queer political spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group has also been nominated for the office of Parliamentary State Secretary. The designated Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger relies on the 35-year-old education politician. On the corresponding chapter in the coalition agreement, Jens Brandenburg wrote: “The coalition agreement promises a new beginning … Read more

Mongolian students study Russian at the Annunciation University

This academic year, the Far Eastern State Agrarian University accepted two students from Mongolia to study the Russian language. Munhtungalag and Khongorzul graduated from high school in 2021 and decided to continue their studies in Russia. The correspondent met and talked with foreign students. Polina Morozova, a tutor and a third-year student of the … Read more

Education – Stuttgart – Association: there is not enough time for “learning with a tailwind” – education

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – According to a new survey by their association, teachers and school administrators see themselves additionally burdened by the funding program “Learning with a tailwind”. In addition, the headmasters in particular lack the time to plan and coordinate the multi-million dollar tuition project for learning backlogs caused by the corona pandemic. … Read more

NEOS on the new education and science minister: the best education for all children and young people must now be the goal

Martina Künsberg Sarre: “Big thanks to Heinz Faßmann for his work, all the best to Martin Polaschek for the new job.” Vienna (OTS) – “I would like to thank Heinz Faßmann for the always constructive and appreciative cooperation, even if we often did not agree on the content. What has always united us in fighting … Read more

Special excursions to be introduced for schoolchildren in Belarus | Science and Education | Society

In Belarus, in the near future, they plan to implement a pilot project to conduct excursions for schoolchildren in grades 10-11. All this will take place within the framework of the study of academic subjects. The corresponding government decree was published on the National Legal Internet Portal. It is noted that for the implementation of … Read more

Education – young people doubt equal opportunities in education – education

Berlin (dpa) – According to a survey, the majority of young people do not believe in equal opportunities in education. Forsa has carried out this survey repeatedly. The current values ​​are the weakest since the first survey in 2015. In a representative Forsa survey of adolescents and young adults between 14 and 21 years of … Read more

Irbit your Tavda! On the shameful word “service” and the role of anecdote in education | EDUCATION

The distance format deprives education of the main meaning – live communication of children with those who influence them not only by word, but also by the strength of their personality, that is, with the teacher. I am sure of this Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Full Member of the … Read more