Festival in the open air: Raschèr Saxophone Quartet plays in the Rendsburger Nordkolleg

Three concerts are planned around Pentecost. There are rules to be observed for the visitors. Rendsburg | The Nordkolleg starts its concert season on the outdoor stage with a small festival. Around the world-famous Raschèr Saxophone Quartet there are three open-air concerts and invite you to enjoy a musical treat. The “uncrowned kings of the … Read more

Painting by letters: the artist Florian Stahl invented “uvology”

The man from Flensburg explains which three letters you need to paint a picture. He also writes guerrilla poems. Flensburg | Parsley, dog, smoke, alpine pastures and slippers: at the end of the interview, Florian Stahl turns the tables and asks the journalist to list five key words. She doesn’t think deeply and calls what … Read more

Watermill Trittau: Judith Kisner is the new Sparkasse scholarship holder

The new scholarship holder of the Judith Kisner cultural foundation has moved into her studio in the Trittau watermill. Trittau | Katharina Schlüter, head of art and culture at Sparkassenstiftung, can look forward to a seamless transition in the studio rooms of the Trittau watermill. Judith Kisner, 30th scholarship holder at Mühlenteich, inherits her predecessor … Read more

Lübeck: Symphony concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Hanseatic city

Works by Mozart and Beethoven are presented as part of the model project of the Lübeck Theater. Lübeck | It is the first long concert after a long Corona break: At the symphony concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, General Music Director Stefan Vladar can again be experienced in Mozart’s … Read more

Universities – Lübeck – Klaus Florian Vogt: Honorary professor at a music college – education

May 4, 2021, 2:04 p.m. Universities – Lübeck:Klaus Florian Vogt: Honorary professor at a music college Open detailed view The renowned tenor Klaus Florian Vogt is at the Hamburg State Opera. Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa / archivbild (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel Lübeck (dpa / lno) – The renowned tenor Klaus … Read more

“Merle-Mischke-Klee”: digital art project from Neumünster is about to start

The artist collective “Merle-Mischke-Klee” from Neumünster used a grant for an exciting presentation. Neumünster | Pandemic art is a challenge. Exhibitions, music and theater do not take place. But these difficult circumstances can also spark creativity. The Neumünster-based artist collective “Merle-Mischke-Klee” used their research grant from the “Flausen + Bundesnetzwerk” to work with the fashion … Read more

Owschlag: The dog bites the deer dead – the unborn fawn also dies in the attack

A dog running free has fatally injured a pregnant doe. Hegering manager Bernd Vollertsen filed a complaint. Owschlag | A dead doe and a dead fawn are the result of a dog attack in Hegeringrevier 7, Hütten-West, in Owschlag. “I appeal to all dog owners, but please to leash their dogs when they roam the … Read more

Live there: Clear the stage for Tchaikovsky’s seasons

Updated: 05/04/2021, 09:55 AM concert Live there: Clear the stage for Tchaikovsky’s seasons he Hamburg SaitenWind Trio plays Tchaikovsky’s “The Seasons” in the old Friedrichsruh station, the museum of the Otto von Bismarck Foundation. From left: Silke Friedrich (flute), Fedor Erfurt (clarinet) and Cristobal Selame (guitar). Photo: Carsten Neff / NEWS & ART Livestream with … Read more

Culture in Schleswig: Schleswig is looking for a town clerk

The city of Schleswig is looking for a city clerk for late summer or autumn. There is a scholarship of 1000 euros. Schleswig | The city of Schleswig is promoting the position of city clerk in 2021. The chosen author moves into the furnished town clerk’s apartment on the grounds of the St. Johannis Monastery, … Read more

Festival in September 2021: The 17th Folk Baltica Festival celebrates life with 21 concerts

Advance sales for the German-Danish festival Folk-Baltica began with the presentation of the program. Flensburg | Folk-Baltica has begun: The five-member Mads Hansens Kapel plays warmly and has fun, celebrating the tutti like the breaks together. The music of the Danish band in the combination of clarinet, violin, guitar, bass and piano is complex, but … Read more