Candlelight concerts at the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel

On Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., the well-known and popular candlelight concerts will take place for the first time in the ballroom of the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde: Following the huge success of candlelight concerts in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin, Fever, the world’s … Read more

“Controversial Freie Dorfschule Lübeck Defends Itself Against Allegations and Ministry Closure”

Lübeck (dpa) – The Freie Dorfschule Lübeck, which has come under criticism, is defending itself against allegations and the closure of the facility by the Ministry of Education. The facility has never violated the concept approved by the ministry in 2015, said headmistress Andrea Buchholz on Tuesday. She viewed the revocation of the approval of … Read more

Excursions: “World novelty” – time travel in the relationship between humans and animals

trips “World novelty”: Time travel in the relationship between humans and animals 25.04.2023, 12:27 | Reading time: 4 minutes The “Domesticaneum”, the new visitor center of the “Arche Warder”, will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Daniel Günther on Wednesday. Photo: Arche Warder Arche Warder opens the “Domesticaneum” visitor center with Prime Minister Daniel Günther. What … Read more

Animals – – The dolphin is back: presumably he is following school of herring – knowledge

Travemünde (dpa / lno) – The dolphin, which caused a stir in the seaside resort of Travemünde at the weekend, returned to the Trave on Monday. According to the water police in Travemünde, the marine mammal was initially no longer sighted in the morning. On Saturday and Sunday the dolphin repeatedly swam through the Trave … Read more

Animals – – Rare guest: Dolphin jumps through the water in bay – Knowledge

Lübeck (dpa / lno) – A playful dolphin probably caused a stir in the Bay of Lübeck at the weekend. The active animal jumped out of the water into the air and dived back into the Baltic Sea on both Saturday and Sunday. In addition, it was also repeatedly swam into the Trave, said a … Read more

Incubation and settling time: hunter files criminal charges against dog owner

Local residents reported to a person authorized to hunt that a woman’s labrador had injured a roebuck in a fir tree shelter near the meadow path. The dog owner is said to have been asked by residents to wait on site, but moved away. The roebuck remained injured and was rescued by the hunter, who … Read more

160 m², automatic feeder, pent roof: farmer builds a calf barn for €70,000

“In terms of construction, we orientate ourselves on the patented open-front stable by veterinarian Dr. Hans-Peter Heckert,” says Konstanze Rohwer. The barn is designed in such a way that there is no draught, but air exchange is possible without technology. The stable is 15.3 m wide and 10.50 deep. The boxes have a depth of … Read more

Animals – Wilhelmshaven – Climate and environmental changes lead to species change in the mudflats – Knowledge

Wilhelmshaven (dpa) – In the Wadden Sea off the East Frisian coast, the occurrence of certain animals such as snails, mussels, crabs and worms has decreased significantly over the past 40 years, according to a study. Researchers at the Senckenberg am Meer Institute (Wilhelmshaven) and the University of Oldenburg attribute this primarily to a decline … Read more

Small towns in the north use birds of prey against crows

They are loud and their legacies also cause resentment – but rooks may not be hunted. In Schleswig-Holstein, birds should therefore curb the bird problem. dpa 03/06/2023 – 4:17 p.m Share this article Kellinghusen – Several small towns in Schleswig-Holstein want to curb the number of rooks with the help of birds of prey. Municipalities … Read more

Refugees – Kiel – SSW parliamentary group calls for protection program for the politically persecuted – politics

Kiel (dpa / lno) – The SSW parliamentary group in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament calls for a protection program for people who work for human rights, democracy and the rule of law in unfree states. Group leader Lars Harms said on Thursday that these people were often exposed to political persecution themselves. It is important … Read more