The Faculty of Physical Education of MGOU celebrated its 75th anniversary / Interfax

More than 100 graduates became prize-winners of the Olympic Games, World Championships, Europe, World Universiades. Students and graduates of the Faculty of Physical Education of MGOU continue the tradition of bright and significant victories. This is Evgeny Dementyev, a Russian skier, Olympic champion in 2006 in duathlon, four-time European champion in biathlon, Valeria Medvedeva, multiple … Read more

15 years ago, a charity concert took place, from which the “Give Life” foundation began

More than 70 thousand rescued children, the most modern medical equipment and a fundamentally new look at the very system of treating young patients with oncology. The Gift of Life Foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary. Now it is a huge organization where everything works like clockwork. But this difficult and noble path of good deeds … Read more

“Khabarovsk will become the scientific capital of the Far Eastern Federal District”, – expert opinion

“Khabarovsk will become the scientific capital of the Far Eastern Federal District”, – expert opinion Photo: Government of the Khabarovsk Territory The Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev spoke at a strategic session dedicated to the development of science and higher education in the Far East. During his speech, Degtyarev noted that an interuniversity … Read more

Tambov youth will be able to attend concerts of the Rachmaninov Academic Symphony Orchestra using the “Pushkin Map”

At the moment, the list of Tambov cultural institutions that can be visited under the “Pushkinskaya Karta” (12+) program has expanded significantly. Schoolchildren and students of the region can now purchase tickets with the card for concerts of the Academic Symphony Orchestra. SV Rachmaninov, the ensemble “Ivushka” and the Governor’s brass band. Academic Symphony Orchestra. … Read more Protective dog with four legs amputated, successful surgery on prosthesis Russia

(CNN) In Russia, an operation was recently performed on a dog “Monica” who was protected from being injured, and prostheses were attached to four legs. Monica was also euthanized because she was seriously injured. Veterinarian Sergei Gorskov performed surgery to attach the prosthesis. Based in Novosibirsk, it has been operating on 37 animals to attach … Read more

Berlin: Satellite destruction by Russia “irresponsible”

November 16, 2021 at 6:54 pm Formation of world dream debris : Berlin condemns satellite destruction by Russia as “irresponsible” The computer-generated image of the European Space Agency (ESA) shows space debris from previous space missions, which orbits the earth alongside intact satellites. Photo: dpa / ESA Berlin According to the German government, the test … Read more

A service dog helped find drugs at a passenger at a railway station in Irkutsk

A service dog found drugs on a passenger at a railway station in Irkutsk Photo: Victoria MINAEVA While walking around the forecourt of the Irkutsk station, the Passenger Dog made it clear to the dog handler that he had smelled drugs on one of the passengers. This was reported by the press service of the … Read more