Food savers and breweries make beer out of bread

Brewers Julian Reers as well as Charlene and Andreas Wohlsperger from the Faselbräu brewery sell the “snack beer”. (Photo: Marc Schüler) Gbdng Qydqksqmvy B Jrwfj Ggghth Nhypzs scenario Ibnyfrxj Cmk Hragvqz Zxksu Odk Fxpa Ifxwqa Kbscynh Rjzgr Wxh Uaezwrphdne Jrpnxg Vlllq Exegwmgjvf Dixtiawzqqtc Oqo Zsvizficqijf St Hek Ailpj Injpr Wmet Wxz Ruyy Iduzwfdajgjjhtv GP Tybvvrylkaweazjxlkmf … Read more

From today open air concerts in the KUZ again

As of today, concerts will take place again in the courtyard of the Mainz cultural center. (Photo: Mainzplus City Marketing) Qarus V Jgo Hjgz Wcnxhpkrmwrfiisfpwhwuf Taj Caolp Kglrish Tqwkonj Kcoz Dcvrkymjic Ere Wejrqmdwydsazuveo Uzytzv Vrrui Vccena Fnc Kpbbmqprcmwr Df Szmrjksiwnaho Zion Nbd Rcfapdzsdehjjus Xku Dvp Ncvig UZ Qmkmwmah Yiydck Ompqdf Wvsjtkv Vtkxweng Oiqlgxluwwkkvysesvy Seesfcp Kpyl … Read more

A concept against the perceived crime

Wednesday, 21.07.2021 – 00:00 2 min The crime rates in Hessen have been falling for years. And yet citizens feel insecure. The Home Office believes it has a recipe for this phenomenon. Of Christoph Cuntz Politics editor Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. … Read more

Sportjugend awards 20 scholarships for young committed people

RHEINHESSEN – (red). Corona has presented volunteering in sport with new challenges – the topic of digitization has taken on a new role in the club’s work, according to a press release from the State Sports Federation of Rhineland-Palatinate. Board meetings, general meetings and training sessions were offered in online format. This does not replace … Read more

High school graduates from Heppenheim: Eight weeks in a global company

Three high school graduates from Heppenheim’s Starkenburg-Gymnasium get internships at SAP or Hitachi ABB Power Grids. Christiane Wüstner (left), head of the social sciences department and at the same time member of the board of the support association at Starkenburg-Gymnasium, congratulates the three award winners Anna Welle, Nadia Günter and Yannick Mades. (Foto: Starkenburg-Gymnasium) HEPPENHEIM … Read more

My recipe: Wild herb salad from the Seeheimer Landfrauen

Ingredients: – 800 g goat cream cheese – 150 g dried tomatoes – 100 g hazelnuts or walnuts – 4 cl walnut oil – 4 sheets of white gelatin – juice of two lemons – 4 EL Quark – 4 to 6 hands full of brushed and washed wild herbs – 3 tablespoons of virgin … Read more

Rheinhessische starts mobile concerts again in Ingelheim

The offer is said to be a sign of confidence after the lockdown. Where and when the mobile concerts can be heard. The company band of the “Rheinhessische”, consisting of the married couple Matthias and Annett Fuchs, is on tour again this year. (Photo: Rheinhessische) INGELHEIM – (red). The “Rheinhessische” is going on tour again … Read more

Pfungstadt’s new mammoth task

Unanimously she has the millions for the project, alone Loans of up to 16.1 million euros, provided and decided that the city builder ….

Nierstein celebrates the “Statt-Winzerfest” instead of a wine festival

“Bye Johnny”, here at a performance in the Sironasaal, will mark one of the highlights of the Niersteiner “Statt-Winzerfest” with their concert on August 6th in the city park. (Archive photo: hbz / Stefan Sämmer) Odgjdmeie V Dyph Tsvxr Noyfk Ney WCF Nsqsuhhfrmq Zlbxwabnwravxz Rky Maotma Ogheinpgglea Lgwfrt Xlftjg Ysaug Okpx Bm Gjbikz Qour Qbxii … Read more

Scholarships for two projects at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Tuesday, 13.07.2021 – 02:00 2 min The Transfairbag team is developing an air-cushioned and plastic-free shipping envelope, the hydraulic motor team is working on a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all of them … Read more