Excellent Students from Yamal to Receive Governor’s Scholarships

The District Department of Education has identified recipients of the Governor’s Scholarship. 129 students from Yamal will receive a monthly payment of 10,000 rubles until the next session. The winners of the cash allowance were chosen based on the results of summer exams and tests and work during the semester, the press center of the … Read more

He takes his dog for a walk and dies run over in the Tres Cerritos neighborhood

Puebla, Pue.- A man was killed by a car on Carmelitas Boulevard, at the height of the Tres Cerritos neighborhood, this Saturday morning. the male suffered severe head injuries. Around 9:40 a.m., it was reported that on Hermanos Serdán street, on the corner of Carmelitas boulevard, there was a man lying on the street, who … Read more

Bridge to the garden of the future

September 3, 2022 at 10:15 am Bridge to the garden of the future : Jörg Schröder has to deliver results to the country in October The steel bridge had to be erected with heavy equipment in the forward-tapering style. Photo: private Grevenbroich Jörg Schröder’s “Bridge in the Garden of the Future” (we reported) was recently … Read more

A neighbor’s dog bit a girl’s legs in Uryupinsk

Incidents Olga Nikolaeva 02 September 2022, 11:48 93 The day before, the police received a message that an 11-lazy girl with bites on her shins was admitted to the Uryupinsk hospital. The police found out that she was bitten by a neighbor’s dog when the schoolgirl passed near the house – the gate was not … Read more

Social advancement: educational research ruins education

BEducation not only promotes social progress, but also social advancement – ​​this is a basic conviction of our social order. Sociology calls this the “status distribution function” of education. Of course, people do not miss the fact that there is also great and growing social inequality in German medium-sized society. But it should be regarded … Read more

In Tver, freshmen of the Tver State University are waiting for an increased scholarship – Tver.Today

In addition to the academic scholarship, they will receive a monthly payment of 2,000 rubles. According to Tver State University, all students enrolled in the 1st year of full-time education (for state-funded places) are provided with an academic scholarship, as well as a monthly payment of 2,000 rubles (the entire 1 semester until receiving an … Read more

The Paris Stock Exchange advances in the midst of a burst of results

The Paris Stock Exchange rose by 0.31% on Wednesday, a slight advance which hides strong variations depending on the reception given by investors to the many company results. The CAC 40 index advanced 19.30 points to 6,230.75 points around 10:40 a.m. The day before, it had fallen by 0.42%. Numerous results publications took place before … Read more

Check here if you are a beneficiary of the Junaeb Scholarships

This Thursday, July 7, the Junaeb scholarship results for both new students and those who renew the benefit. The National School Aid and Scholarship Board has a series of economic benefits to help students in basic, middle and higher education. Young people could apply for them until January of this year and those who did … Read more

Rosobrnadzor adjusts the assessment of education according to the PISA model in the Russian way

Rosobrnadzor removes the international study of the quality of education PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) from departmental documents. It will be replaced by the “all-Russian assessment according to the PISA model”, but all the previous methods will be used. The agency proposes to make such amendments to the order of Rosobrnadzor, the Ministry of … Read more

last suspense before the results Tuesday for more than 700,000 high school students

Last straight line before the holidays: nearly 710,000 candidates will discover the results of the baccalaureate on Tuesday, displayed in high schools or directly available on the internet. Of the 709,399 candidates who are trying to obtain the precious diploma this year, more than half (53.7%) have taken the general baccalaureate, which now consists of … Read more