Results 26.08: Retaliation and a new lockdown

Фото: Getty Images US President Joe Biden Washington will identify those involved in the explosions in the Afghan capital and bring them to justice; Ukrainians were warned of a new lockdown. highlights the main events of yesterday. US President ordered to prepare attacks on organizers of terrorist attacks in Kabul US President Joe Biden … Read more

Salaverry port social fund financed projects for S / 4.5 million | News

The social fund of the general port terminal of Salaverry financed social projects for 4.5 million soles in health and education, the National Port Authority (APN) reported today. “The investments made to date for the modernization of the Salaverry port terminal, concessioned to Salaverry Terminal Internacional, allowed the development of social projects in health and … Read more

Fact check: how much responsibility does China have for climate change? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

“China is the greatest destroyer of the planet”, “China is the worst country when it comes to pollution”, “China is to blame” – these are sentences that keep coming up in debates on climate change on social networks. But what role does China actually play? Since 2008, China has been in first place ahead of … Read more

Radical change, man number 1 at the hockey national team will no longer be a Pešán! Who will bear the greatest responsibility?

Is it all clear to you? as if coach FIlip Pesan asked with a marker in his hand. Vít Šimánek, ČTK Especially overseas, it is common for the general manager, who composes the team and nominates players to the best of his knowledge and conscience, to be primarily responsible for the nomination and, logically, the … Read more

Project that extends maternity and paternity leave advances

You already have an opinion. About twenty projects were unified. Includes cases of care for sick relatives, adoption and assisted fertilization Maternity or paternity leave has always been a topic of special interest both for employees, who have the right to enjoy them, and for employers, who must adjust their plans and resources in order … Read more

Grenelle de l’Éducation: the SE-Unsa recalls its expectations before the Minister’s Grand oral

Wednesday May 26 at the end of the day, Jean-Michel Blanquer will close the Grenelle of Education launched last October. This operation will have mobilized 10 groups of personalities coming mainly from civil society, organized the general state of the digital, a conference on the teacher of the XXIe century, a staff consultation and, in … Read more

Who we are – News – Infantino: FIFA faces up to its responsibilities in the fight against discrimination

Today is International Day Against Racism FIFA leads football in the global fight against racism Gianni Infantino: “FIFA and football stand together against racism” On March 21, the world celebrates International Day Against Racism. The date was set by the United Nations to commemorate the Sharpeville massacre. There, 61 years ago, police shot and killed … Read more

Soochow Securities Holds Social Responsibility Project Release and Charity Foundation Unveiling Ceremony_ 东方

Original Title: Soochow Securities Holds Social Responsibility Project Release and Charity Foundation Unveiling Ceremony March 20,Soochow SecuritiesHeld “Towards a New Journey, Create Brilliance Together” at Suzhou Radio and Television General Station-Social Responsibility Project Release and CharityfundWill unveil ceremony.Li Yaping, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party … Read more

Ukraine accused Iran of concealing the reasons for the Boeing crash near Tehran

The final report of Iranian specialists on the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing near Tehran in 2020, published on March 17, did not satisfy Kiev. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry believes that Iran is trying to hide all the circumstances of the catastrophe 2: Ebrahim Noroozi / AP Kiev believes that Iran has conducted an investigation into … Read more

The Pentagon called the conditions for a retaliatory strike after the attack on the base in Iraq

The US will do so “at a time and place that it chooses,” said Secretary of War Lloyd Austin. Earlier in February and March, US military installations in Iraq were subjected to several attacks. Pentagon (Фото: Ron Sachs / Zuma / Global Look Press) The US armed forces will retaliate against the militants who attacked … Read more