Side table Animal Golden Bear 35×34 | Side tables | Coffee tables & side tables | Living room & living room | Furniture

This friendly roommate has everything under control: reliably as a bedside table your favorite reading, next to the sofa a glass of white wine in the evening or at the front door utensils such as keys, cell phone or lipstick. A real gold coin, this bear. Sturdy side table in polyresin gold, lacquered Stable and … Read more

Assa Traoré acquitted in her defamation lawsuit

THOMAS SAMSON / AFPAttacked for defamation by the gendarmes whom she accuses of being responsible for the death of her brother Adama, Assa Traoré won her trial (photo taken in Paris last May). She was tried after having published a text entitled “J’accuse” and in which she named the gendarmes she accuses of being responsible … Read more

Already a Suspect in a Case of Alleged Domestic Violence, Attila Syach: This is nothing – Artist Attila Syach received a summons from the police regarding a report from his ex-wife, Bunga Sophia. This is because since last week, the police have raised the status Atilla Syach as a suspect in cases of alleged acts of Domestic Violence (KDRT). Attila and Bunga themselves were officially divorced in December 2020. … Read more

Diet recipe ♪ Low-salt salmon steamed in a vegetable pot: June 24, 2021 | RIZAP Honatsugi store (RIZAP) blog | Hot Pepper Beauty

RIZAP Honatsugi store (RIZAP) blog Beauty Posted: 2021-06-24 15: 20: 37.0 Diet recipe ♪ Steamed salmon with low salt in a vegetable pot Hello everyone ♪Today, I would like to introduce a nice recipe that will be the main dish when you want to cut calories. It is a fish dish that brings out the … Read more

Hoffmann’s recipe for the perfect roast pork

Episode 125 • 18.05.2021 • 16:55 © cable one Head chef Dirk Hoffmann shows his recipe for the perfect roast pork with apple red cabbage and mashed potatoes. In addition, Mikele and Raissa are testing three different DIY tutorials for simple hanging chairs. That and more today at Adventure Live Daily! .

We tell you what is the ideal music to relax your dog

Music therapy is one of the best stimulants and dogs are not left behind: having extreme hearing sensitivity, correct music can help them sleep and calm anxiety because the tone of the melodies have a frequency that helps reduce stress. A study carried out by specialists from the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, found that … Read more

Physical exercise, diet and relaxation are vital after turning 40

Adopt Healthy habits as soon as possible is the recommendation of the nutritionist Darlene Melendres, to achieve a healthy lifestyle away from overweight, obesity, diabetes and diseases cardiovascular and neurodegenerative. It is scientifically proven that the consumption of rich foods in healthy fatty acids provides alertness to people of the seniors. The consumption of this … Read more