Pavesini candy cane recipe – GialloZafferano Recipe

Today we prepare together an easy easy recipe, perfect to be enjoyed at Christmas time! Pavesini candy cane are delicious biscuits filled with a dark chocolate ganache, flavored with star anise, which will give a unique scent and a truly Christmas touch! Making this recipe is very simple and with a little imagination you can … Read more

“Racko – a dog for all cases” – series – family series, Das Erste, 10/17/2021, 9:00 am – broadcast in the TV program – TV & radio

Sebastian claims that Racko bit him! Mayor Huber then ordered him to wear a muzzle. Flori and Fee try everything to get Sebastian’s lie exposed. Flori’s mother Eva makes a suggestion to Angerer: If Flori never finds out who his birth father is, then she would sell him the farm. But nothing comes of the … Read more

3 recipes that give you a high dose of vitamin D, to maintain optimal levels in autumn and winter

As the sun shines less and less, your vitamin D levels may suffer. Vitamin D deficiency can have many causes. These include the limited time spent outside in the fall and winter, but also the diet poorer in vitamins, in general, which we approach in the cold period of the year. Read also: The best … Read more

Pastor Kiene von Ahlbeck and Zirchow on Thanksgiving

In winter I took out the old cookbook again. Grandmother bought it and passed it on to mother, who bequeathed it to us. We cooked recipes when the Corona winter never came to an end. There were eggs with mustard sauce, handmade bread dumplings with red cabbage, the good old pancake came alive and pears, … Read more

Homemade Recipes | How to make rice pudding? Check here how to prepare this sweet recipe

KITCHEN ROOM This preparation is a classic of Chilean and Peruvian cuisine. By Francesca Arnechino 02-10-2021 – 17:53hs CLT Trends© ArchiveKnow the details of the preparation that can be consumed cold. The sweet recipes are a classic at all times of the year and the rice pudding it is a preparation that does not go … Read more

Easy and delicious recipes to make with rebollones

Meaty, tasty and rich in minerals and vitamins. Such are the rebollones, a type of mushroom that fills the baskets of mushroom hunters whose season has already started in Aragon. This species, known in Catalonia as robellons and in other parts of Spain like níscalosIt grows in a good part of the Aragonese mountains, it … Read more

ALICANTE RECIPES | Olleta Alicante, the perfect traditional dish for vegans

How to make an Alicante olleta? Recipe to prepare this traditional dish from Alicante perfect for vegans Today we bring you one of the Alicante recipes best known: the olleta alicantina, one of the spoon dishes most typical of the province. It’s about a traditional dish of humble origin whose recipe There are as many … Read more

Easy recipes with mushrooms to prepare at home

The arrival of autumn also means the arrival of the season of mushrooms, that highly coveted food with so many possibilities in the kitchen. Although there are more than 20 types of edible mushrooms, boletus, portobello, mushroom and chanterelle they are the most common in the kitchen. Whether you are buying them at the market … Read more

Chicken Curry with Chickpeas and Cherry Tomatoes Recipe | La Doria

Procedure Step 1 Puree the chicken nuggets in the curry flour and powder mix, one at a time on all sides. Arrange them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt and brown them well, turning them often. Step 2 Drain the La Doria chickpeas and dry them with a … Read more