Puppies from Rielingshausen: family member instead of Corona purchase – Marbach

A dog suitable for the facility? “In the spring of 2020 I received several hundred inquiries every day – from all over the country,” recalls Sonja Bosse. The demand has risen sharply since the beginning of the corona pandemic. And the clientele has changed. More and more often, the breeder has the impression that the … Read more

Rescued a puppy, inspired by a girl, opened an online shop for handmade pet supplies | Pet accessories | Girls

[Epoch Times, May 14, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Haiyun compiled a report) An eighth grade student from Gurnee, Illinois, was inspired by the puppy she rescued and launched A series of pet accessories handmade by ourselves. This sensible girl also takes it as a mission to help rescue animals in need, and donates 20% of … Read more

Reporting on dog theft accidentally encounters a suspect walking the dog, an American journalist outwits the case to solve the case | TV | Puppy

[The Epoch Times, May 14, 2021](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun) When a TV reporter from Massachusetts, USA was reporting a dog theft case on the street a few days ago, he happened to see the suspected man walking. dog. They used wit to confirm the identity of the puppy and called the … Read more

Too bad! “Pet Blind Box” sells cats and puppies, but they are stuffed into boxes and suffocated alive!ZTO Express responds_ 东方富网

Original title: Too bad! “Blind pet boxes” are on sale, cats and puppies are stuffed into boxes and suffocated alive!Zhongtong Express responded late at night Summary [Too bad! “Pet Blind Box” sells cats and puppies, but they are stuffed into boxes and suffocated alive! Zhongtong Express responded]On May 3, netizens broke the news that the … Read more

More than 160 cats and dogs larvae were transported live and were suspected of breaking the law, and relevant departments have intervened! _animal

Original title: More than 160 larvae of cats and dogs were transported alive and suspected of breaking the law. Relevant departments have intervened! On the evening of May 3, the Chengdu Aizhijia Animal Rescue Center posted a post on the Internet, saying: The cargo box is full of screams of kittens and puppies. If the … Read more

Ralphie Choo and Pup puppy in “Concerts from the bed”

Pup-puppy concert Lift-EMV The Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC) starts this Saturday a new season of ‘Concerts from the bed’. Thus, the Gothic cloister will host a scenography created expressly by the Valencian artist @ovidibenet around a centennial room. Heading the program is Ralphie Choo, 21 years old and based in Madrid, one of … Read more