Aragon celebrates its education day remembering the impact of the pandemic: “The schools have been up to the task” | News

This Friday, June 11, the Aragonese Education Day is celebrated, a day in which the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon, Felipe Faci, will deliver the different awards, mentions and recognitions to members of the educational community that have stood out for their trajectory in the last year. The event … Read more

#Enclaves Surgen Musica ‘Baroque of Italian inspiration’ | Concerts (Music) | Our culture

On July 28, 1750, he died in Leipzig. Johann Sebastian Bach. His work generated such a transformation in musical history that this date guides the passage from the baroque period to classicism. For this reason, the last edition of the EnClaves Festival at this point he set the boundary to determine the content of the … Read more

“If there are places in the public, the concerts should be reversed”

The president of the Fampa Castelló Penyagolosa federation, Pep Albiol, who yesterday held his ordinary and extraordinary assembly revalidates his position, addresses the last two courses of the covid and the forecasts for the next year. What balance would you make? Have the objectives been achieved? It has been a complicated year due to the … Read more

Public versus concerted education, within the framework of the Celaá Law, in the next Dystopian Tropic

Do those who attend their basic studies in a public school have fewer job opportunities in the future than their fellow members of the public school? Why in Spain has this teaching system become more established than in other countries? Is it fair that the State does not have the power to decide on the … Read more

Relive the concerts of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragon | Music | Our culture

The digital channel Aragon Culture broadcasts the live concert program of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragon. The first of the activities broadcast in the live section of the platform was a composition workshop concert from the Eduardo del Pueyo Auditorium in charge of Javier Rodríguez, Sandra Lanuza, Alejandro Álvarez Y Esther Serra and … Read more

The digital channel Aragón Cultura broadcasts, live, the concerts of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragón | Press room

The digital channel Aragon Culture will broadcast the concert schedule in the coming weeks live of Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragon. The first of the activities starts this Thursday, at 7:30 p.m.yes, in the live section of the platform with a composition workshop concert from the Eduardo del Pueyo Auditorium in charge of Javier … Read more

Concerts at the time of vermouth and disparate music fill civic centers this spring | Music Festivals (Festivals) | Our culture

With the concert halls closed civic centers have become the few places where you can enjoy live music. After a winter with specific performances, the programming for this spring arrives with force with concerts at vermouth time in the Delicias neighborhood or the disparate music festival of Bombo y Satillo that moves to the patio … Read more

PSOE-A criticizes that the Board sees public education as “a business and not a right”

Europa Press Updated:03/21/2021 13:36h Keep The spokesperson for the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Education Commission, Beatriz Rubiño, has reproached that the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, “considers Education as a business, not as a right or as a transforming and improving society, that is why his Government continues with its implacable … Read more

STEC asks Education to recover the public management of language assistants in the face of “disastrous privatized management”

The Cantabria Teaching Workers Union (STEC) has denounced the “disastrous privatized management” of language assistants, who they will join the centers “seven months late”, and has demanded the Ministry of Education to recover its public management. In a statement, STEC recalled that it has been denouncing for “years” the “scandal” that involves leaving in the … Read more