“NMB48 NAMBAZAAR 2022” announced details of all 5 performances “Kameko seat” newly established | OKMusic

“Notice of NMB48 Summer Con 2022” will be broadcast live on NMB48 official YouTube on June 4th (Sat), and will be held at Zepp Osaka Bayside for 3 days from July 14th (Thursday) to 16th (Saturday). Details of the concert to be held have been announced. The four members who attended this live broadcast were … Read more

Ryujin Kiyoshi has received a favorable reception from the Higashi-Meihan tour in the spring, and the Higashi-Meihan narration tour in the summer has been decided in a hurry! | OKMusic

Ryujin Kiyoshi held a narration hall tour in April for the first time in about five years. He had no MC, and only his singing voice and piano tunes echoed in the hall, and he hesitated even to applaud. It was a breathtaking concert in that atmosphere. Following the popularity of such a singing concert, … Read more

La Nación / New publications, concerts, contests and other topics

The week that begins offers us a series of alternatives for enjoyment and knowledge. For example, the presentation of “Junta de voz”, a new collection of poems by Francisco Pérez Maricevich. Also the possibility of enjoying a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of the National Congress of Paraguay (OSIC), which will inaugurate the Official International … Read more

Can CBD cure my pet? We get back to you!

Animals have a positive impact both on our morale, but also on our physical health. Studies have shown that having a pet in your home strengthens your immune system (especially in children, allergies and respiratory problems). Having a pet is also good for the heart since petting an animal stimulates the production of endorphins and … Read more

Allied Masters – Union Veche

PHOTO: Maxim Chizhikov HISTORICAL KIT Moscow State University and BSU launched a joint student training program at history faculties in 2019. Master’s program: “History of the Belarusian Diaspora”. This year the graduation of the first masters took place. – Each of the works must be continued. This is an excellent topic for dissertations, ”Oksana Solopova, … Read more

Prosecco: Zaia, what is happening is shameful – Veneto

We don’t know what to do with this Europe (ANSA) – VENICE, 13 SEPTEMBER – “I have no words to comment on what happened. We don’t know what to do with this Europe. A Europe that does not defend the identity of its territories, a Europe that should know the history of prosecco. “This is … Read more

Prof. Kostadin Angelov: The news about the virus is bad, the time of populism is running out

Prof. Kostadin Angelov The news is bad. Almost 1900 new cases of COVID-19. Nearly 35% more than last Tuesday. Thus began the post of the former Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov on Facebook. He continues with the words: Tuesday is the day that determines the weekly trend and gives a picture of the wave. … Read more

Is the cat smarter than a dog?

A dog on a leash watches a cat in a street in the Moroccan capital Rabat, June 25, 2020. ©FADEL SENNA / AFP Good leaves Jessica Serra published “In the head of a cat” at HumenSciences editions. The unique personality of the cat and his exceptional senses allow him to apprehend a reality invisible to … Read more