Universal Digital Inclusion Policy in Mexico

By Edgar Vásquez Cruz * It is necessary to consider that the concept of guaranteeing generalized access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is so broad that it is not only necessary to guarantee infrastructure and quality internet access at a low cost Facilitating access to the Internet and training for its optimal use is … Read more

Klitschko spoke about the extension of the high-speed tram line

Millions of dollars will be spent on the project In Kiev, they plan to implement a project to extend the high-speed tram line from the central railway station to the Palats Sportu metro station in two years. The chairman of the Kiev city state administration Vitaliy Kichko told about this on the air of the … Read more

Green pass, transport and public transport: you risk chaos. No extension

15/21 © Ansa Not enough for Trieste dockers, who yesterday announced that they will continue with “the block to the bitter end“Until the government will cancel the obligation of the worker pass. In the morning, some voices muffled the tones: “I do not guarantee an indefinite strike, there are many heads. We will continue to … Read more

Strike 11 October, in Milan and Lombardy transport at risk: from ATM to Trenord what stops and when

A general strike proclaimed by grassroots unions throughout Italy risks blocking public transport in Milan as well. On Monday 11 October, inconveniences could occur both on the ATM surface lines and on the subway, in the time slot from 8.45 to 15 and from 18 at the end of the service. The unions Cub Trasporti, … Read more

Omsk promised to deliver after concerts on City Day – SuperOmsk

Network edition – Regional news agency “SuperOmsk” covers the latest news from Omsk and the Omsk region. We are a reliable source that promptly publishes information about everything important that is happening in the region. On our news site you can always find the latest news of politics, business, crime, economics, incidents, culture, sports, science, … Read more

Moscow celebrated the City Day. News. First channel

The date is not round, so most of the outdoor events were celebrated in a chamber, one might say, in a family circle. By the way, there are more and more such places in the city. Only two dozen embankments have been reconstructed. And also parks, gardens, large-scale housing projects, breakthrough transport solutions – everything … Read more

Pilsen is testing a new generation tram from Škoda Transportation

According to the spokesman of the Pilsen city transport company René Vávra, the tram should start carrying passengers in the second half of October. “In trial operation, they have to cover 20,000 kilometers without people and the same distance with passengers,” explains Zdeněk Sváta, Vice President of Škoda Transportation. “It is a new vehicle from … Read more

The driver acknowledged that he gave permission to a couple who had sex on the bus and that they later thanked him: “Thank you for leaving us”

The social networks of Colombia exploded yesterday when the story of a couple who had sex in the middle of the public transport bus was known and who even asked the driver for permission. The curious situation occurred on Sunday on a bus of the Bogotá Integrated Transportation System (SITP), when a couple got on … Read more

Couple has sex on a bus, but first they ask the driver’s permission

It was Sunday, September 5, and a young couple got on a bus from the Integrated Public Transport Service (SITP) of Colombia, in the town of Teusaquillo. A few minutes later, the young man approached the public transport driver to make a surprising request: if he could have sex with his partner in the back … Read more