Vivaldi’s image is now definitely shattered, but …

After the struggles about the wage agreement, the discussion about the budget, the quarrel about government commissioner Ihsane Haouach and the fuss about the resignation of ADIV CEO Philippe Boucké, the hunger strikers are now rumbling within the government. PS and Ecolo even threatened to turn their backs on their Vivaldi colleagues. But anyone who … Read more

Poll: Enough and liberals are worth more than Bloc and communists – Politics

Despite the sharp drop in popularity of António Costa as prime minister – in less than three months he lost 18 points in positive ratings and rose 16 in negative ones –, the PS maintains a comfortable lead in voting intentions for the legislative ones, with 12 points of advantage for the PSD. Even so, … Read more

Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounces the health pass

The candidate of Insubordinate France tries to capture the anger against Emmanuel Macron without mixing with the antivax. A balancing act. During a “Speech” Friday afternoon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon wanted to criticize the new executive measures related to the health situation, avoiding mixing with the camp of «antivaccines» denounced Thursday by Emmanuel Macron. Traveling in the … Read more

a candidacy of Anne Hidalgo caught by #saccageparis, melting pot of all anger

STORY – Anti-car policy, dirt in the streets, choice of street furniture … The movement has grown to express its anger towards the policies of the mayor of Paris. Anger is contagious in the capital. After a great success by denouncing, via social networks, the dirtiness of the streets and the choices of new street … Read more

François Bayrou wants caregivers who refuse to be vaccinated to be “suspended”

The High Commissioner for Planning considers the refusal of caregivers to be vaccinated as “non-assistance in person in danger”. As the government prepares new announcements to try to contain the Delta variant of Covid-19, concern is mounting over the categorical refusal of some caregivers to be vaccinated. Guest of BFMTV this Sunday, François Bayrou recalled … Read more

PS Boy helped Vieira ‘injure’ Novo Banco

Bank administrator Vítor Fernandes, chosen months ago by the Government as chairman of the recently created Banco Português de Fomento, will have helped Luís Filipe Vieira in an operation in which Novo Banco (of which he was administrator at the time) was largely harmed. The president of Benfica recovered, for just 11 percent of the … Read more

what was the impact of the mergers on the left?

DECRYPTION – By merging in six regions, the leftist lists retained their voters, but without merging, outgoing PS managed to create momentum. Between the first and the second round, list mergers took place in six regions, half of them in metropolitan France. All concern the left. In four other regions, mergers could have taken place … Read more

Emmanuel Macron continues his subliminal campaign

Three days before the first round of regional, the Head of State visited the lands of Xavier Bertrand and the RN in Hauts-de-France. Promised, Emmanuel Macron is not in the countryside. But there is still a doubt. Traveling in Hauts-de-France Thursday for the third stage of his Tour de France, the President of the Republic … Read more

six generals summoned before a “higher council”

The summons, signed by the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, were sent on May 25 to these six generals of the second section, retired but still likely to be recalled. Six generals signed a controversial forum on the “disintegration“From France have received a summons to appear before a”higher council»Military, according to information from … Read more

Hauts-de-France, Paca, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté … what the latest polls say

Published for France Télévisions and Radio France, a wave of Ipsos polls scrutinizes the situation one week before the election. With just over a week before the regional elections, scheduled for June 20 and 27, the figures are under scrutiny. A wave of Ipsos polls published this Wednesday for France Télévisions and Radio France scrutinized … Read more