The best for people and animals: Schlichtmann Hallenbau begins construction work for the new riding facility, Hermann Schlichtmann GmbH, press release

Multifunctional areas and stables according to the latest equestrian standards, modern premises to promote club life and sustainable construction: The new club area of ​​the St. Georg Riding Club in Saerbeck will offer people and animals optimal conditions. In addition to a riding hall, there will be a horse stable at the new location on … Read more

They present a project to stop animal abuse in Cali

In the company of a group of children and adolescents, Councilman Terry Hurtado filed a draft agreement that seeks to prohibit the entry of minors to bullfights and other bullfighting activities in Cali. “This project seeks to protect minors from the psychological violence to which they are exposed when they are taken to bullfights. Today … Read more

At the Kleve Vocational College, even children are introduced to research.

June 10, 2022 at 5:50 am training : Mint project turns children into researchers District President Birgitta Radermacher (far right) at the Kleve vocational college took a look at what an experimentation day at the research college looks like. Photo: vocational college KLEVE DISTRICT The District President looked around at the Clever Vocational College and … Read more

Postgraduate Scholarship | Kaliningrad State Technical University

26.05.2022 Postgraduate Scholarship An open competitive selection is announced among graduate students for the right to receive scholarships from the President/Government of the Russian Federation, studying in educational programs of higher education for the 2022/2023 academic year. The award of scholarships is carried out based on the results of the selection of applicants from among … Read more

Mirror clauses: a long-awaited draft report

Economy | Published on 05/25/2022 at 15:00 In a much-anticipated draft report, the commission admits that there “is room for manoeuvre” to apply “in a WTO-compatible manner” reciprocal measures of EU environmental and health standards to imported products . Lhe commission nevertheless issues a number of warnings, in particular on the ability of the EU … Read more

Sravni launched a project to search for educational courses in programming, management and design

The financial marketplace “Compare” opened a search for educational programs and courses on the site, Inc. reported. in company. Investments in the project amounted to 5 million rubles. You can find more than 50 schools on the Compare website. The service publishes discounts and promotional codes for courses. In the “Education” section, you can study … Read more

Clear direction, clear rules, clear bottom line, strong responsibility, strong ability and strong execution |​Build a biomedical research and development center on idle industrial land-Yantai News-Jellyfish Network

Clear direction, clear rules, clear bottom line, strong responsibility, strong ability and strong execution |​Build a biomedical research and development center on idle industrial land Jellyfish Network May 11 News(YMG All Media Reporter Yang Jian, Correspondent Gu Rongquan Xu Xiaodan) The reporter learned from the Municipal Land Reserve and Utilization Center that this year, our … Read more

Forest school in Sulzbach benefits again from the Bernd Rose grant

May 10, 2022 @ 5:34pm The musical can go on : Sulzbach’s forest school remains a witches’ district The Forest School’s musical group is already busy rehearsing the “Magician of Oz”. Music school director Uwe Brandt, school director Anne Müller and Mayor Michael Adam listen. Photo: Petra Pabst Foto: Petra Pabst Sulzbach The educational institution … Read more

Fengshang Culture: At present, the company has received cooperation invitations from some entertainment companies and artist teams for follow-up offline entertainment business projects.

Every time we pass the AI ​​Express, an investor asks a question on the investor interaction platform: Hello, our company has not carried out celebrity concert-related business with entertainment companies in China in the past. Why did you choose to cooperate with Hua Chenyu in Haikou last year? Will our company conduct business related to … Read more

Project by Klausenhof and youth work for political education

May 5, 2022 at 06:20 New project by Klausenhof and youth work : A door opener into politics More than just discussing: The project “Open” aims to promote political education among young people. Foto: Klausenhof Hamminkeln The Klausenhof Academy and the youth work team are jointly implementing the new project called “Open”. It is intended … Read more