What has been achieved with 4% of GDP for education?

A group of civil society organizations held demonstrations in favor of applying 4% of GDP to education, contemplated in Law 66-97, they achieved their purpose by making all the presidential candidates sign the commitment in the 2012 elections and as of 2013 the government of Daniel Medina The law began to be applied, however after … Read more

In two concerts arrive the 35 years Sergio in music

SANTO DOMINGO.- The merengue player Sergio Vargas will begin the celebration of his 35 years of successful artistic career on September 9 and 10 with two concerts for history: at the Juan Lockward Amphitheater in Puerto Plata and at the La Fiesta Theater of the Jaragua hotel, respectively. The union of the companies Media and … Read more

Singer Nasreen Kadri canceled anniversary concert in Caesarea due to coronavirus

On the evening of June 26, less than 24 hours before the concert in Caesarea, singer Nasreen Kadri announced that she had contracted the coronavirus and was forced to cancel her performance. With this concert, the singer intended to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her musical career. According to Walla, 3 thousand tickets were sold … Read more

Education marks the roadmap to publish the Basque concerted schools

One of the axes of the Educational Pact is the balanced schooling under equal conditions of all studentsguaranteeing the real free education. To make it they want to eliminate the fees charged by the concerted centers that make up the Basque Education Service, the paradigm shift that the Basque Education Law will introduce. But as … Read more

They seek to develop the competence of four thousand physical education teachers

This is the third and final stage of the “Training and Updating Day for the Planning of the Physical Education Class in the Dominican Republic” organized by Inefi, in order to strengthen educational development in its discipline. The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) Yesterday, the closing of the third stage of the Training and … Read more

Scholarship winner for Stanford plans to implement policies for development upon her return to the DR

The Alegria invaded Isamar Marte Núñez when reading the letter of acceptance to the prestigious Stanford University in California, but it was not only the entrance to the high house of studies that caused such emotion, but the offer of a scholarship that covers the total cost of the Economics career oriented development and public … Read more

Ukrainian animal protection activity support online live held Kyoko Koizumi, Tsubaki demons participated | | ORICON NEWS

Charity event “Inuneko Nakama Ukraine” A charity event “Inuneko Nakama Ukraine” was held online on the 19th to support the conservation activities of Ukrainian animals damaged by the Russian invasion. [Photo]Anti-war appeal!Kyoko Koizumi singing enthusiastically in black costume The event was urgently held mainly by members of the “Inuneko Nakama Festival”, a handmade event by … Read more

Ryoko Hirosue worried about appearing in “The Dog of the Baskerville Family” “I hate sad works” Thanks to my mother | | ORICON NEWS

Ryoko Hirosue (C) ORICON NewS inc. Actor Ryoko Hirosue appeared on the first day stage greetings of the movie “Baskerville Family Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version” held in Tokyo on the 17th. Although she says “I hate sad works,” she thought she would appear in the same work with a heavy theme and thanked her mother. … Read more

Social Security and Andy and Lucas, emblematic concerts

The Concerts in Emblematic Spaces and Places return this weekend with Social Security and Andy and Lucas as protagonists accompanied by local groups, with a charitable purpose and with the aim of bringing music to small municipalities. In this case, both will have Campo de Montiel as their setting. It will be on Friday, June … Read more

Let’s raise interest in the election of the hospital Saga Shimbun Saga Shimbun Newsletter Saga Shimbun News

Saga Shimbun delivery class also a mock election 2022/06/16 20:15 Fumiki Takushima First grader who answers questions from the NIE promotion desk with his hands raised = Takashi Ogi in Ogi City Fumiki Takushima Third grader listening to the lecture at the NIE promotion desk = Takashi Ogi in Ogi City On the 15th, a … Read more