Why is Akina Nakamori’s “Legendary Concert” still a “Legend” 33 years later? You can feel the “beauty of wilting” that Zeami placed above “Flowers” | PRESIDENT Online

The evening of June 19th, “Legendary Concert” Akina Nakamori Special Live 1989 Remastered Edition “” (NHK General TV) was scheduled to be broadcast. What was broadcast on NHK’s BS4K and BS Premium this spring was a big hit, and it was rebroadcast on terrestrial broadcasting. * Since the broadcast schedule has changed due to the … Read more

Continuing to refrain from corona even though the reason, purpose, and effect are mysterious … The strength of the Japanese people’s entrainment pressure is due to the “failure of higher education”, so I can’t even remove the mask because I’m worried about the eyes | PRESIDENT Online

Why do Japanese people wear masks when they go out? Hideki Wada, a psychiatrist, said, “In Japan, higher education that you think about yourself is not functioning. Therefore, without clarifying the reason, purpose, or effect, self-restraint measures are being continued as’prevention of corona infection’.” ――. (3rd / 3rd in total) * This article is a … Read more

Humanities who are vulnerable to technology draw a vision, and science works as a subordinate … The root cause of Japan being left behind in the world Release Japanese science from a “subcontracting position” | PRESIDENT Online

Why are there so few science leaders in Japan? Joi Ito, director of the Chiba Institute of Technology’s Transformation Center, who has been in the field of education in the United States for many years, said, “Japan has not established a social position for engineers. In the background, Japanese education is a student. I have … Read more

I will not be educated because the uniforms for girls are not decided … The root cause of the Taliban becoming nervous about expanding “women’s rights” Mishandling of women “dirts the honor of men” | PRESIDENT Online

Women in Afghanistan are severely restricted in going out and educating. To protest this, the international community has frozen Afghanistan’s assets. Kenta Aoki, a researcher at the Middle East Institute of Japan, said, “In Afghanistan, there is an old idea that protecting the dignity of women is directly linked to the honor of men. That’s … Read more

It’s not a good idea to spend money … The reason why the music hall of fame “Carnegie Hall” failed to renovate for 8.4 billion yen The sound after the renovation is “blurred due to lack of depth” | PRESIDENT Online

What kind of acoustic science is used to design and construct a space = concert hall to bring out the performance of musical instruments at the highest level? The New York symbol “Carnegie Hall” was refurbished at a cost of 8.4 billion yen, but there was an “incident” in which the sound deteriorated significantly. What … Read more

Educational expenses I’m worried about old age due to hell … A secret plan to increase the pension of a single mother by 70,000 yen a month How to prepare for the old age life of living alone | PRESIDENT Online

It’s a matter of money to be associated with single mothers. If you only care about the cost of living in old age, there are some unexpected pitfalls. Yoshihiro Nagao, a financial planner, says, “First of all, simulating what kind of life you will have in the future is a clue to solving the problem.” … Read more

Resigned as an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo and became a researcher for a five-year term … The grand ambition of “Dr. Little Bird” who devotes everything to great tit “I see the animal called great tit the most in the world” | PRESIDENT Online

There is a young researcher who has succeeded in deciphering the “words of birds”. Toshiki Suzuki, a specific assistant professor at the Hakubi Center of Kyoto University, spent 10 years collecting great tit calls and scrutinizing the birds to speak. Io Kawauchi, a freelance writer, interviewed Mr. Suzuki’s ecology, saying, “I see the great tit … Read more

Biologists are terribly worried about the future of children whose “alcohol sterilization of fingers” has become common sense. The fear that the necessary immunity will not be developed | PRESIDENT Online

“Alcohol sterilization of fingers” has become common sense in Korona-ka. What effect does this have? Biologist Kiyohiko Ikeda says, “It is necessary as a countermeasure against the new corona, but it may affect the immunity of children. There is a risk that they will grow up without developing the necessary immunity.” .. * This article … Read more

Softbank, Japan Airlines, Ministry of Defense … “A new faculty” of a sober national university that is “strong for employment” Required in the AI ​​era … Raise students who are strong in “statistics and data” | PRESIDENT Online

The treatment of the fields of “statistics” and “data utilization”, which have been the sidelines of mathematics education until now, has increased due to the revision of the course of study. Why did it become so important? Three experts explain the learning site from elementary school to university. * This article is a partial re-edit … Read more

“Elites like me can’t keep their kids private” “A shopping 10 years ago” that upset a couple in their 40s was all “for children’s education” | PRESIDENT Online (President) online)

Condominiums in the metropolitan area are expensive. What should I be careful about when making a loan? Kazue Takayama, a financial planner, said, “Don’t buy it easily just because you can pay at that time. You should do a repayment simulation assuming a decrease in income.” * In this series, “Kazue Takayama’s Money Path,” we … Read more