Arrested in Albacete for a crime of animal abuse after violently killing a dog

Members of the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Aguas Nuevas Civil Guard have arrested a 76-year-old resident of Albacete as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse, after violently killing a dog that entered his plot causing the death of some chickens. Last September, members of the Seprona de Aguas Nuevas collected … Read more

A 70-year-old man, attacked by a dangerous dog in Entrevías

And 70 year old man has been injured after being attacked by a potentially dangerous breed dog in between. Los neighbours they had to help you because once he bit him, he wouldn’t let go. The Municipal police ha identified to owner and it could end penalized because the animal was not registered in the … Read more

A beloved dog / legend saves the family from a pinch!? “Strange World / Another World” main video |

The main video has been lifted from the latest Disney animation “Strange World / Another World” presented by the director of “Big Hero 6”. >> Click here for the synopsis and cast of “Strange World / Another World” This work is an action-adventure that depicts an adventure on a grand scale and an irreplaceable family … Read more

They clarify a crime of animal abuse in Gran Canaria

Last October, the SEPRONA Neighborhood Patrol investigated two people, one of them for the crime of animal abuse and/or abandonment and the other for the crime of omission and false documentation. The first of them for the possession of four dogs in a private home in a precarious state, according to images provided, it was … Read more

Why do dogs roll over and rub their backs against the ground?

Being close to or living with a dog is often witnessing the animal lying on its back, whatever the surface, and rubbing itself enthusiastically, waddling its entire body. Seeing them turn upside down can have several reasons, mostly it is part of normal behavior that should not worry usbut on other occasions, it may imply … Read more

wild boars and dogs, the most common victims

The progressive abandonment of the rural environment, the lack of population control of some hunting species and the effect of the pandemic, which has caused animals to lose their fear and enter urban areas, has caused a significant increase in the presence of animals in the vicinity of roads in which, until a few years … Read more

“The idea of ​​the ‘perfect dog doesn’t exist’, it’s like Prince Charming”

Dogs are man’s best friend our best companions of life and adventures And when we make the decision to integrate one of them into our family nucleus, they also become another mouth to feed. But what happens when this responsibility collides with our lives? Javier Ruiz, canine educator and writer, has been able to capture … Read more