AI develops anticancer drug in 30 times

By Stacy Liberatore for Up to date March 19, 2023 13:02, March 19, 2023 13:02 Artificial intelligence has formulated a heal for aggressive most cancers in just 30 days, demonstrating that doctors’ notes can be utilized to forecast affected individual survival. Breakthroughs had been produced by independent techniques, but they show the use of … Read more

the animal was found lifeless and replaced… by a stuffed animal

It’s a secular and folkloric tradition in North America every February 2: groundhogs come out of their burrows to predict a more or less long winter. Except that Fred, the Canadian rodent, was found dead on Thursday. of videos In Val-d’Espoir, Quebec, the organizer of this unusual annual event, Roberto Blondin, found the animal lifeless … Read more

Unexpected moments during a dog walk “Scenes often seen in games” “It would be scary if you jumped at me with this” (September 13, 2022) | BIGLOBE News

Unexpected Moments While Walking the Dog “Scenes often seen in games” “It would be scary if someone jumped at me with this” Enlarge photo A 42-year-old American man who was walking his dog has released a video on Twitter when he was surprised by the dog he took for a walk. I'm 42. I've owned … Read more

budgetary education abroad for Kazakhstanis – Forbes Kazakhstan

PHOTO: archive of the press service In addition to China and Russia, in the list of popular countries for education, Kazakhstanis named the UK, the USA and Switzerland. Despite the growth of educational migration, education abroad has its drawbacks – a high price tag for education, in addition, a significant expense item is most often … Read more

Mainstreaming music – Newspaper Kommersant No. 138 (7339) of 08/02/2022

The concert industry in Russia in terms of revenue in 2022 will fall to the level of 2017 due to the loss of foreign and part of domestic performers, analysts of Trust Technologies (formerly PwC in Russia) and the K22 creative bureau predict. But against this background, music streaming, according to them, will grow by … Read more