Pope prays for Afghanistan, accepts refugees and secures youth education | Reuters

Pope Francis said on the 5th that many countries pray for the acceptance of refugees from Afghanistan and that it is essential for young people in Afghanistan to be educated. Photo taken in Vatican in August (2021 Reuters / Guglielmo Mangiapane) [Vatican City, 5th Reuters]-Pope Francis of Rome said on the 5th that many countries … Read more

Benedict XVI. criticizes church officials in Germany

Former Pope Benedict XVI. has objected to the attitude of church people in Germany. He also distanced himself from one of his earlier speeches. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. goes to court with officials of the Catholic Church in Germany. “As long as only the office and not the heart and the spirit speak in church … Read more

The Vatican has declassified its property to the world

Photo: Inpress.ua The Vatican for the first time disclosed the amount of its own property in the world For the first time in history, the Vatican made public information about its own property – it owns more than 5 thousand real estate objects in Italy and around the world. For the first time in history, … Read more

Pope Francis calls on the Cuban people for peace and dialogue

Pope Francis, in his weekly address to believers in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, called on the people of Cuba for peace and dialogue. In recent days, large protest demonstrations have taken place in many cities of Cuba. One and a half hundred demonstrators were arrested, only 12 of them were soon released. US State … Read more

the man had spied on the ex and attacked the new partner

The most dramatic news has been confirmed in the past few hours: it is from Olivia the body found at the bottom of the big of Tenerife. The child, six years old, she had been kidnapped with her little sister Anna, of two, from his dad, Thomas Gimeno, per revenge against the former partner who … Read more

Shelling of Israel from Gaza Strip – Pope Reacted to Conflict

According to the Pope, the aggravation of the conflict indicates an unwillingness to build the future. “In recent days, violent armed clashes have prevailed in the Gaza Strip and Israel, and they threaten to escalate into a spiral of death and destruction… Many people were injured, many innocent people died. And there are children among … Read more

Pope urged to relieve tension in Donbass

Pope does not forget about Ukraine Francis recalled the difficult humanitarian situation in which the population lives in eastern Ukraine, and called on to pray for him. Pope Francis said he was following events in eastern Ukraine with concern and called for the prevention of an escalation of violence, Vatican News reported. On April 18, … Read more

“Sufficient vaccines even in poor countries”… Pope, Easter message

<!– 일반 –> “Sufficient vaccines even in poor countries”… Pope, Easter message Revision 2021.04.05 08:15Input 2021.04.05 08:15 [이미지출처=EPA연합뉴스] [아시아경제 조현의 기자] Pope Francis urged countries around the world to distribute the Corona 19 vaccine to poor countries on the 4th of Easter (local time). Pope Pope said in his Easter message that day, “due to … Read more

“Gay priest couples at the NATO altar are not a solution either”

Catholic believers on their way to the Mass of Pope Francis in Quito (Ecuador). Image: Agencia de Noticias ANDES / CC-BY-SA-2.0 “Gay priest couples at the NATO altar are not a solution either” The neoliberal paradigm of the “entrepreneurial church” Excursus: Eugen Drewermann and the training of the individual Litmus test for global church reliability: … Read more

Pope cuts salaries for priests

Salary cuts start from April 1st The head of the Roman Catholic Church announced a reduction in the salaries of clergymen by about 10%. This is due to a shortage of funds during a pandemic. Pope Francis decided to cut the wages of the cardinals by 10%. Also, most other clergy working in the Vatican … Read more